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Introducing Cannabis Lifestyle products by the team at TribeTokes.



LOVE! Perfect for the chick who cant' roll!


Love my Phoenix !! This Phoenix glass blunt has added another way of enjoying My cannabis it sophisticated and elegant and I feel like a queen when using !! Me and my girls Find it easy to use try it out puff puff pass 💚💨💚


The Phoenix is Great Rolling joints that draw is obsolete! My Phoenix Quartz Crystal Blunt is the best! Love it, thank you.


Beautiful 420 Cannabis Holiday Cards ! I ordered these wonderful Holiday Cards because I'm a MMJ-Cannabis Activist here in New York State. I sent them as a token of my appreciation to everyone involved in the 420 Movement. The quality of these cards are top notch and Classy Professional, Grade AAA+ Card stock , thumbs up, Beautiful Design ! They arrived just in time for me to send out to everyone on my Goody List !


Hilarious. Unlike any holiday card you will find in stores


Freakin Awesome Cards. Everyone I know has at least 2-3 friends who would love nothing more than to adorn their fireplace mantle with a subtle celebration of the cannabis festivus that are these cards! I certainly do!


Beautiful card for the alt person in your life. This card was perfect. Very thick cardstock, beautiful lettering and lovely decals. Would buy again! Customer service was GREAT, very mindful of my shipping needs.


Xmas Cheer. I absolutely love these! Such a great, funny way to spread some Christmas cheer. I can't wait to see my friends expressions when they open them. Great quality card stock and appears to be embossed.


Looooove these tattoos These temporary tattoos are entirely unique and express cannabis lifestyle in a way that is tasteful and eye-catching. I've had them at parties, and people love the interactive experience of applying them on themselves and each other. The choices are fun and the gold and silver really pop. Love!


Love these, easy to apply and beautiful Love. These are beautiful. Comes with a great selection of both obvious and non-obvious cannabis designs. Armbands and singular tattoos. To apply, you just put the tattoo design side down on your skin and wet it with a damp paper towel for 30 seconds. Very shiny, good quality metallic that will stay for days.


Love these tattoos I'm a 60's woman and absolutely love these tattoos! They are easy to put on and are a beautiful way to make a statement, one that I waited my whole life for! It's amazing how many people don't even know what a cannabis leaf looks like! These are so much fun I would HIGHly recommend buying them.


Great stoner gift for those living the high life I bought these for my girl friend and she loves them. First, they are top quality. Unlike other temporary tattoos, she says they are easy to put on and they last forever. She loves the pre-cut edges, so there is no struggling to find scissors. She also loves how the metallic ink shimmers in the sunlight. Her favorite design so far is the THC molecule. I was pleasantly surprised that these are great for guys too! I love the 420 in roman numerals. I also think the plain leafs and flower of life look awesome on my wrist. A great funny gift for your best bud!


Five stars These came out so amazing for the high times cannabis cup


Simply awesome! nice coffee and its taste is good


wonderful! It has a unique flavour,I liked the taste


Fabulous! Wonderful product


Cutest little cans The coffee is tasty and I love the nitro sealed cans, they're cute and also are like the cans you buy flower in in dispensaries which is kinda clever