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A Closer Look at Cannabis Terpenes

All about CBD Terpenoids

You’re maybe wondering what terpenes are and why “full spectrum” oil has been the buzz lately? In this article, we are going to tackle what terpenes are and how the most common ones affect your body.

Terpenes are compounds found in many different plants throughout nature, not just in cannabis. You can also find it in herbs and vegetables (for example, terpenes are what give basil its flavor profile). The Cannabis plant, which can be referred to as hemp or marijuana depending on the Delta 9 THC levels, is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids (CBD, THC, CBN etc). “Full spectrum” means the product contains these various plant components in addition to CBD.

What Are Terpenes All About?

As we said earlier, terpenes are organic compounds found in plants that give them not only an aroma but can have therapeutic affects on your body. They are often responsible for the scent that a plant has (every time you are sniffing a flower, chances are you are smelling terpenes). Certain terpenes can provide extra relaxation to the mind and the body.

Note that there are hundreds of variations of terpenes present in plants and 200 varieties found in cannabis. However, a few of them are concentrated enough to be essential, and can also be extracted separately (using an extraction machine, one can separate the CBD, THC and all of the terpenes, and then remix them at different levels to achieve certain results for your products).

You may have wondered how CBD vape brands such TribeTokes have been able to launch CBD vape oil strains that are traditionally THC strains. This is by extracting out the THC so that it’s under the 0.3% legal limit, and then reintroducing the specific terpenes (found in that strain originally) back into the full spectrum CBD distillate. Sound complicated? It most certainly is, which is why you should leave it to the experts!

While the main point is to replicate the profile of the original strain, the extra amount of terpenes added can cause additional benefits. Make sure that your brand is using botanical- and cannabis-extracted terpenes (extracted from natural plants) and not synthetic terpenes (re-created in a lab using chemicals). Scientists are continuous in their studies to know the properties, benefits and therapeutic benefits of terpenes.

Thanks to the holistic and natural effects of these compounds, many people also use terpenes for various aromatherapy applications.

Why Use The Term “Terpenoids” vs. “Terpenes”?

While they have slightly different meanings, the terms terpenes and terpenoids are often used interchangeably. Technically, the difference is caused by different types of processing causing slightly different molecular structures – terpenoids result when you dry and cure the flowers (aka “denatured by oxidation”).

We won’t worry too much about these nuances here, but the terpenes that are extracted from or found in cannabis are often referred to as Terpenoids. Numerous research supports the fact that they play an essential role in regulating the effects of cannabinoids in your body.

Terpenes Found In CBD Oil

Many brands have reintroduced terpenoids into their CBD oils to recreate strains or create a certain therapeutic affect (e.g., when you see a tincture or vape called “Energy” “Relax” or “Focus”). We will help you figure out the components of CBD terpenoids that you are using. You can look through our vape lab results to see which terpenes are present in all of our vape strains, and we’ll mention them below as well.


Myrcene is one of the most common terpenoids. The earthy aroma is very evident in this. Note that even a small amount of this can give strong relaxing effects to the body. Not only that, myrcene has antibacterial and also pain-relieving properties.

CBD Vape Oil Strains Containing Myrcene: 


Limonene has a citrus scent. Imagine sniffing an orange or a lemon. That is what this smells like. Using CBD oils with terpenes can reduce inflammation and lessen anxiety levels. It also has properties that prevent fungi.

CBD Vape Oil Strains Containing Limonene: 


If you prefer delicate scents, this terpene is perfect for you. Linalool smells like lavender and other floral scents. If you want CBD oil that has a substantial impact on lowering your anxiety, this is beneficial for you.

CBD Vape Oil Strains Containing Linalool: 


These promising terpenoids are widespread and common in cinnamon or black pepper. Unlike Linalool, Caryophyllene has a woody and spicy scent to it. Anti-inflammatory is one of its benefits.

CBD Vape Oil Strains Containing Caryophyllene: 


Terpinolene gives oil smokey and woody scents. It also helps in reducing anxiety. Plus they have antioxidant and sedating properties.

CBD Vape Oil Strains Containing Terpinolene: 


Plants like basil and cloves are rich in humulene, and Its scent resembles hops. A great way to subdue your appetite, is to try this terpene, which known for acting as an appetite suppressant.

CBD Vape Oil Strains Containing Humulene: 

Why Consume CBD Oils With Terpenes?

Why Use CBD Oils With Terpenoids

Terpenes play an essential factor in cannabis to enhance the therapeutic effects of full spectrum CBD. If you use CBD oil with Myrcene or Linalool, you will find yourself more relaxed, and its sleep-inducing abilities are more effective (found in many indicas). If you add limonene, you will yourself be more energized and focused in doing your task (which is why limonene is found in many sativas).

Of course, always do your research to help understand your products and local laws. There are still some states where usage of CBD oils is not allowed.

Purchasing CBD with plant-based terpenes will greatly enhance the benefits that you can gain from your products. Always be responsible for your consumption, and look for strains and terpenes that offer what you need in a particular situation.


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