Ice Cream Cake Strain

The Scoop: Ice Cream Cake is an Indica-dominant strain offering sedative effects perfect for your evening wind down routine. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love its tasty flavor profile with sweet hints of vanilla. Ice Cream Cake weed is ideal for night time use when you have nothing important to do except watch TV and fall asleep.

Top Reported Benefits: Sleepy, Happy, Creative

Use For: Sleep Quality, Soreness, Nausea

Top 3 Dominant Terpenes (in TribeTokes Ice Cream Cake Vapes):

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Frequently Asked Questions

What strain is Ice Cream Cake?

The Ice Cream Cake strain is an indica cannabis cultivar that provides a great night’s sleep, and is helpful for inducing a healthy appetite. It was originally made by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #33. Ice Cream Cake has terpenes such as d-Limonene, beta-Myrcene and Linalool that provide its unique therapeutic benefits.

Is Ice Cream Cake strain a sativa or indica?

Ice Cream Cake is an indica strain. Characteristics of indica strains include:

  • Relaxation: Indica strains provide a strong body relaxation from their calming and sedative effects
  • Sleep Quality: Due to their relaxing properties, indica strains are commonly used to help with insomnia and promote better sleep
  • Temporary Pain Relief: Indica strains are frequently chosen for their pain-relieving qualities
  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Indicas can be effective in reducing stress and anxiety levels, providing a sense of calm and tranquility
What does Ice Cream Cake strain taste like?

The Ice Cream Cake strain offers a delightful and indulgent taste experience, combining the sweetness of vanilla and cream with earthy and nutty undertones, making it a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts who enjoy dessert-like flavors. Its most reported characteristics include:

  • Sweetness: A creamy and sugary flavor reminiscent of vanilla ice cream
  • Creaminess: A creamy undertone with prominent vanilla notes 
  • Nutty: Similar to those found in baked goods or pastries
  • Hints of Fruit: Some users report faint hints of fruity flavors, like berries or citrus, although these are often subtle
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