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CBD for Cats

CBD for Cats

The Purr-fect Natural Solution: CBD for Cats

Our feline friends are obligate carnivores, but even the biggest hunters can experience issues like anxiety, pain, and other conditions that impact their well-being. While medications prescribed by vets can help, many cat owners prefer exploring natural, plant-based alternatives like CBD oil for cats.

What is CBD for Cats?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound derived from the hemp plant. It’s one of over 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants, but unlike THC, CBD will not produce any mind-altering effects or get your cat “high.”

Instead, CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid system in cats and other mammals to help regulate sleep, appetite, pain, mood, and more. By influencing this system, CBD may provide a range of potential therapeutic benefits for our kitty companions.


CBD Products for Cats: Oils, Treats, and More

CBD for cats is available in several forms, including:

CBD Oil/Tinctures
Oils and tinctures allow you to provide accurate doses by administering directly into your cat’s mouth or mixing with food/treats. Tinctures can be flavored too – ours is wild salmon oil, which cats LOVE and it also provides various health benefits!

CBD Cat Treats
They are tasty, convenient, and often formulated to be calming treats, ideal for addressing anxiety or situational stress in cats

CBD Capsules
Some brands offer CBD inside flavorless capsules or coated soft chews that are easy to administer.

Topical CBD Products
Creams, ointments, or balms containing CBD can potentially be applied topically by owners or vets to treat surface issues.

Why Use CBD for Your Cat?

More owners are turning to CBD pet products for their kitties to address various feline health concerns including:

Anxiety and Aggressive Behavior
From separation anxiety to general nervous tendencies and even redirected aggression – CBD oil for cats’ anxiety can help relieve stress triggers and calm aggressive actions.

Joint Pain and Mobility
The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD for cats may ease the discomfort of arthritis, hip issues, and other joint/mobility problems common in aging cats.

Allergic Skin Irritation
CBD’s soothing effects may provide relief for inflamed, irritated skin related to environmental/food allergies some cats suffer from.

Digestive Issues/Lack of Appetite
Nausea, vomiting, and appetite loss may be alleviated by using CBD oil for cats.

Seizure Control
While research is limited, promising studies suggest CBD may help control seizure frequency and severity for cats with seizure disorders.

Overall Well-Being
Many cat owners report improvements in temperament, energy levels, and overall quality of life after introducing CBD into their cat’s wellness regimen.

Is CBD Safe for Cats? Potential Side Effects

According to pet poison control centers and most veterinary experts, CBD appears to be relatively safe for cats when administered appropriately. However, it can potentially cause a few minor side effects like:

  • Lethargy/drowsiness
  • Dry mouth/increased thirst
  • Lowered blood pressure

To minimize risks, it’s crucial to only use CBD products specifically formulated for cats – not human CBD products and doses. Following label instructions on proper CBD dosage for cats based on their weight is also advised.

Always consult your vet before giving CBD, especially if your cat takes any medications, as negative interactions are possible. Observe how your individual cat responds, and discontinue use if they experience any severe or concerning side effects.

CBD Oil Dosage for Cats: How Much To Give

Finding the ideal CBD dose for your cat may take some adjustments based on their size, age, and specific condition/severity. There are no universal dosing guidelines yet, but most experts suggest:

  • Start with very low doses of a high-quality CBD oil product made specifically for cats
  • Gradually increase the amount every few days while monitoring effects
  • Consult your vet for advice on safe, effective dosing for your cat’s needs

As a general starting point, some brands recommend 1mg of CBD per 10 lbs of feline body weight as an initial dose. But cats may need higher or lower amounts depending on their metabolism and the issue being treated.

Many cat CBD brands provide handy dosage calculators and dosing charts on their websites to help determine proper CBD dosage levels for your kitty’s weight range. Always refer to the specific product instructions.

How to Choose the Best, Safest CBD for Your Cat

With CBD’s popularity, more cat CBD products hit the market every year. But quality can vary widely between brands. To ensure you’re giving your cat safe, effective CBD, look for:

Third-Party Tested Products
Reputable CBD brands have their products third-party tested by accredited labs to verify CBD potency and screen for any contaminants.

U.S. Grown Hemp Source
Hemp grown in the U.S. under regulation tends to be higher quality than imported, mass-produced sources. Prioritize products using domestically cultivated hemp.

Cat-Specific Formulation
Don’t use human CBD – look for products precisely formulated for felines with cat-friendly ingredients and proper dosages for their weight.

Minimal Additives/Preservatives
CBD oils and treats should have limited ingredients outside of the CBD extract itself. Avoid extra chemicals, artificial colors/flavors when possible.

Positive Real-World Reviews
Reading authentic CBD for cats reviews from other owners can provide insights on effectiveness, helping find quality products.

While research on CBD for cats is still emerging, many kitty parents already feel it has greatly benefited their feline family member’s quality of life, whether battling anxiety, arthritis pain, seizures, or other issues. With proper guidance from your vet and high-quality CBD, your cat may experience similar positive results.

Speaking with an integrative vet and monitoring your cat’s response carefully is key to seeing if CBD makes a positive difference. While not a miracle cure, CBD oils and treats offer an exciting natural option for improving feline wellness and enriching all those nine lives!

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