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3 Reasons to Take CBD During Quarantine

Reasons to use CBD oil if you are stressed due to sheltering in place

Things are not easy right now. Trying some CBD oil just might be one thing that helps you get through COVID-19, sheltering in place, and having to work from home and dealing with the stress that it brings. Not to mention, constantly worrying about getting more toilet paper!

Nothing is going to make everything okay overnight, including CBD. However, a number of things can help you cope with and temper these stresses, and that’s what CBD products are known for.

Bear in mind, of course, that CBD is not approved as anti-anxiety medication, but has been held in medical research to have anti-anxiety properties. Make sure you confer with your doctor if you’re having major anxiety issues.

Why would you consider CBD during these trying times? Here are 3 compelling reasons.

CBD May Have A Role In Reducing Stress

A growing body of medical research indicates that CBD works on the receptors of the brain that absorb the neurotransmitters that register stress in the brain. This is why CBD seems to help people with anxiety.

The best part, of course, is that since it’s a natural product, and not an intoxicant, it isn’t addicting and isn’t habit forming the way so many other substances can be.

In fact, relief from anxiety and other mental issues is one of the most common reasons that people start using CBD as a natural remedy for these ailments. Of course, nothing can take the place of treatment by a physician, but there are plenty of things that can help you. CBD is certainly one of them.

CBD Can Help You Relax Enough To Sleep

CBD Helps In Relaxation
CBD Helps In Relaxation

Another common use of CBD is as a sleep aid. While it doesn’t act the same way as actual sleep medications, what seems to be the case is that using CBD gets you to relax enough so that you can sleep.

After all, anxiety and stress are major disruptors of normal, natural sleep patterns. People stay up half the night worrying because they’re wracked with anxiety and stress over what’s happening around them or to them. While it’s definitely natural to worry, worrying never solves anything.

A clear head, and a good night’s sleep, however, can definitely help you get refreshed and ready for the day. There are 3 CBD products we recommend the most to take before bedtime, depending on your preference: 

CBD Is All Natural, And Not Intoxicating

Another benefit of CBD, when used as a natural remedy for anxiety, stress or other ailments, is that it isn’t addictive. It isn’t habit forming, and there are rarely any known side effects beyond a bit of gastric upset in rare cases. It’s a totally natural product, and it isn’t intoxicating.

You don’t want to use anything as a crutch, but when used as a supplement to your health…CBD is definitely a better option than some of the other substances people turn to.

People out there are suffering. We encourage people to do everything they can to boost their immune systems, reduce stress, and use this time to improve their health. Dealing with the stress of being sheltered in one place is challenging but we know CBD can be one tool in your toolkit during difficult times.


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