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Can You Take Too Much CBD Vape Oil?

Can You Take Too Much CBD Vape Oil?

Can you take too much CBD vape oil? Is there a certain amount that can be harmful?

We appreciate that you’re asking, because a responsible consumer knows they shouldn’t overdo it with any substance, including CBD vapes or tinctures – even too much water can be bad for you! Since everyone has an ideal dosage for their particular needs, is there an amount that becomes too much or even hurtful?

Many researchers have said that it’s difficult to overdose on CBD. There have been some concerns with CBD’s effects on the liver at very high amounts, but it is still being researched and seems to be only for people with liver issues or who are taking other medications that are very hard on their livers. Read on to learn more about proper dosage for vaping CBD.

CBD Dosage Calculator
CBD Dosage Calculator

CBD Vape Oil Dosage

Just like any substance that you take for an effect – for health benefits or otherwise – it’s natural to be concerned about taking too much. Over the counter medications are harmful if you take too high a dose over too short a time span, and so on.

There are also recommended guidelines for taking CBD vape oil or tincture, which makes a CBD dosage calculator quite handy.

Obviously you want to stick to the dosage that’s ideal for you and not exceed it. What happens if you do?

Good News: No Known Instances of CBD Overdose

So long as you’re getting your CBD vape oil from a reputable source, you can feel comfortable taking more than your recommended dosage. To date, there have been no known instances of CBD overdose, and there have been no known instances of a person dying from the effects of CBD overuse. It has not happened to date.

Have there been side effects from CBD usage? There have been some recorded side effects, but they aren’t necessarily associated with use of CBD vape oil.

At the moment, only one CBD tincture has been studied by the FDA, which was taken to market as a prescription drug (Epidiolex) for use in treating two severe types of childhood epilepsy. For context, most CBD brands recommend an average / starter dose for their products of ~20mg of CBD, but a maintenance dose of Epidiolex is 10mg per kg of body weight per day – which is 680mg for a 150 lb person! That is 34x higher than the amount of CBD the average person takes from a daily vaping – and more than if you vaped the ENTIRE half gram TribeTokes cartridge in one dose! That doesn’t mean you should start ingesting this amount, as Epidiolex dosage is prescribed for severe seizures and side effects can include liver problems and gastrointestinal issues.

As far as CBD toxicity, as you can see from the massive FDA-approved Epidiolex dosage, you’d have to ingest a titanic amount in order to do yourself any harm, to the extent that it’s unlikely a person could. You wouldn’t take that much CBD the same way you wouldn’t eat your entire bottle of Vitamin C vitamins (we hope 🙂

So if you have a few more puffs of CBD vape oil than usual, you’re 100% going to be fine.

What If I Use More CBD Vape Oil Than Usual?

What’s likely to happen if you have a bit more CBD vape oil than usual is that you might feel a little drowsy. Lethargy is a known side effect of taking a little more CBD than normal, so having a bit more than normal might make you a bit tired.

Overall, we recommend you use the dosage calculator and gradually increase your dose of CBD as needed to achieve the desired effect. CBD has been found to be an amazing part of your health and wellness routine.


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