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Can You Ingest CBD Vape Oil?

Can You Ingest CBD Vape Oil?

Can you ingest CBD vape oil? Isn’t it the same as the oil or tinctures that are so popular?

If you are asking this, it’s likely for one of two reasons: Either you have a vape and are wondering if you can eat it (lol) or you have accidentally ingested CBD vape oil. In case of the latter – don’t worry – it isn’t going to hurt you!

But our advice would be – if you want to use a CBD vape, use a CBD vape, and if you want to ingest CBD, use a CBD tincture or gummies. Read on to learn why!

You Can Ingest Premium CBD Vape Oil Without Issues, But It’s Not Ideal

If you ingest a bit of your CBD vape oil – you don’t have to worry, it’s only CBD distillate and plant terpenes – provided you’re vaping a pure plant-based product like TribeTokes. However, if you’re wondering if a CBD vape and a CBD tincture are interchangeable, the answer is no. Since vape oil may seem just like a tincture, it stands to reason that someone might think it has dual uses, but the two products are pretty different.

CBD vape oil is made only from pure CBD distillate and plant terpenes (at least it should be – check your labels!) and it’s MUCH more concentrated than a tincture, with as much CBD in a full gram vape as there is in a whole ounce of tincture on average (over 25x more potent!). A tincture is CBD distillate emulsified into MCT oil, and is created weaker than vape oil for a few reasons – (1) so it doesn’t taste terrible (2) because the fats/lipids from the MCT oil help the CBD enter your bloodstream when ingested and (3) for easy dosing – around 1 dropperful is ~1 dose, which is easy for people to understand. The flavor profiles of vapes are designed specifically to create a flavor through the aromas of the vaping process which is very different from ingesting.

Quality CBD Vape Oil Is A Natural Extract

Full Gram CBD Vape Oil Cartridge (6 Strains)
Full Gram CBD Vape Oil Cartridge

We can’t speak for everyone’s CBD vape oil, but ours is only 2 ingredients: full spectrum CBD distilled from the hemp plant, and real plant terpenes that match the terpenes found in the specific strain you are purchasing. Terpenes enhance the taste and smell of the oil, but also help to achieve the therapeutic effects of indica, sativa or hybrid when vaping. We never use synthetic terpenes that are created in a lab. The terpenes in our Mango Haze vape strain for example come from the terpenes of the real strain – check out the strain profile on Leafly:

CBD Tinctures are taken orally. They work by emulsifying the CBD distillate in a carrier oil, which helps the CBD compound be absorbed through the lining of the mouth. Typically it’s something like MCT, vegetable or – in the case of many homemade tinctures and oils – olive oil. We use MCT oil because it works the best.

Use CBD Vape Oil As CBD Vape Oil

If you’re going to buy CBD vape oil, that’s how it should be used. If you want to supplement that with a CBD tincture, be sure to get a quality tincture as well.

Since vape oil is a concentrate, it will not be very palatable. It produces an aromatic vapor, but that’s because it’s designed to do that rather than have a pleasant taste. Side note: you CAN however use the CBD distillate from our vapes in baking OR for dabbing 🙂

There’s definitely some good reasons to have both, but make sure to use them as they’re intended for best results.


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