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What is the Terpene α-HUMULENE?

What is α-HUMULENE?

Humulene, which is sometimes known to vape users as α-humulene, is another terpene (in addition to myrcene) that is is found in both beer and cannabis – it is a key component of the essential oil of the hops plant. Humulene has subtle earthy, woody, and spicy notes that give hoppy beers their unique taste and also drives the spicy and herbal scent of some cannabis strains. It can also be found in sage, ginseng, and cilantro.

Humulene has also been used for generations in holistic Eastern medicine practices, and it is believed to be an effective anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and appetite suppressant. Strains high in humulene tend to also have the beneficial terpene caryophyllene, creating a nice entourage effect. Humulene is currently being studied for its potential as an anti-inflammatory agent that may also treat allergies.

Terpenes are fragrant oils found in many plants throughout nature, and in cannabis they are secreted by the frosty-looking trichomes alongside cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Terpenes not only determine the smell of a cannabis strain, they may also modify its effects either through aromatherapy, directly interacting with our endocannabinoid system, or both.

Humulene is considered one of the most abundant and important terpenes, especially for medical patients who are using cannabis for treatment, in countries and states that consider cannabis legal. Humulene’s therapeutic usage has a wide range and even traces back to ancient China’s apothecaries. 

Oil from the sage plant, which is high in Humulene, has shown anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. These uses of sage trace back to ancient Chinese medicine. In addition, Chinese ginseng (which is also high in humulene), is used as an energy booster, a natural antibiotic, and an appetite suppressant.

Strains With Humulene

Here are the TribeTokes CBD Vape Strains that contain therapeutic doses of Humulene – definitely check them out if you think this terpene can benefit you!

Benefits of Humulene


Research has proven humulene to be an effective anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and appetite suppressant.

Many terpenes in cannabis have shown promise in treating inflammation, and humulene is one of them! A 2007 study published in the European Journal of Pharmacology reported that humulene and caryophyllene might represent important tools for the management and/or treatment of inflammatory diseases.

What is unique about humulene is its potential to fight certain allergies as well (which are tightly linked to inflammatory responses). In 2009 the British Journal of Pharmacology published an animal study which concluded that the terpene could be effective when administered orally or inhaled as an aerosol.  

Scientists and researchers are still studying, researching, and testing to know more about Humulene’s benefits to the body. Experts are saying that there is more to Humulene than just its current anti-inflammatory benefits.

If inflammation is bothering you, definitely check out our CBD pain creams in addition to our vapes containing humulene.


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