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Buy CBD Wholesale but Don’t Forget Training


CBD Stores and Dispensaries are carrying more sophisticated CBD products around the country. Increasing demand and competition among brands is driving up quality. However, there are a lot of products on the market and customers are eager to figure out which products are best-in-class.

One key factor to closing sales in stores and dispensaries is how well budtenders and store managers are trained in the best ways to sell each product and the key talking points that solve the customers’ unmet need. The secret is to carry the best brands that also offer product sales training.

Sell the Story – Not Just the CBD Product

Customers respond to good stories. That is advertising 101, and a principle that traverses every industry, including cannabis products. So, you need to educate your sales team not only on the benefits of your CBD products, but also any related stories. When your customers know the story behind a product’s name, creation, or creators, they form a special connection to the brand and are much more likely to make a purchase.

Personal stories also carry significant weight when a customer is considering buying a product. Train your staff to share personal stories about their CBD journey, so they build a connection with the customer. Your sales team should be the number one advocate for your product, so ask each of them to have one personal story, that a customer can relate to, while working on the floor. For example, they might explain how certain products help their own issues with sleep, pain, or anxiety.

Guide Customers with Dosing Recommendations

Many customers that walk into a CBD store or dispensary treat it as a medical experience. They are often looking for supplementation through a tincture, vape or other product that can help their pain, anxiety or sleep issue. Your budtenders should be able to provide general guidance on dosing based on the customers explanation of what they are going through. It’s often best to explain that it’s best to gradually increase the dose of CBD over a few days until the desired relief is achieved. Even though many products will have dosing guidance on the packaging, most customers will want to discuss dosing recommendations by talking with the store manager. The dosing conversation will drastically increase your sales conversions.

Know What Separates Products

If you’re carrying the best products on the market, then each product should have one or more competitive advantages over other products, or a key benefit that “wows” the customer. Your sales team needs to be able to quickly educate customers on the most important benefits for each product. For example, they may highlight that TribeTokes CBD vapes have no fillers or cutting agents whatsoever – unlike most vapes on the market.


A way to skyrocket sales at your CBD store or dispensary is to find the best CBD products whose corporate team offers sales training support for your staff. Your sales team needs to learn how to use the products competitive advantages, leverage their personal stories of how they use CBD products so that customers can relate to them, and use dosing conversations to guide customers to a sale.

Consider working with top brands like TribeTokes who carry ultra-healthy CBD Skincare and Beauty products and the healthiest CBD Vapes on the market. Make sure the brands you work with offer training for your employees!

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