Cannabis Pain Creams

Why topicals? If you suffer from chronic pain, ingesting painkillers too often can cause harmful side effects. Cannabis infused topicals interact with the upper layers of the dermis for localized pain and inflammation relief, without getting you high. 

CBD or D8 THC?  CBD pain cream is best to treat underlying inflammatory issues, while Delta 8 THC pain cream may be best for neuropathic or very strong pain.

Brought to you by our line of Cannabis Wellness products, TribeREVIVE. 



Tribe Revive has changed my life. I live with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Sarcoidosis of the Central Nervous System. A friend sent me a jar as a gift, and I have used this consistently, TRIBE REVIVE has replaced my prescription lidocaine patch. Thank you for creating such an incredible product, the pain relief is instant. My quality of life has greatly improved since using this product.


My brother suggested I might like this website. He was totally right.


I just want to tell you how much your TribeRevive 1000mg cream has helped me over the last several nights, and to send you my deep gratitude. My neurological disorder, CRPS (aka RSD or Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) has been in partial remission for the last couple of years, but periodically rears its ugly head with severe burning sensations to my lower legs and feet at night, making sleep near impossible, and just the weight of bed sheets unbearable. Potent Opiates do not have any effect on this pain. But your CBD cream is absolutely a rescue medication that dramatically reduces the burning pain in a matter of minutes, and a single application lasts through the night. It is just life changing for me. I so hope that I can help you to market your great products in the near future, because you definitely have my endorsement. (I have never before given any medication my personal endorsement) Thank you again for introducing me to your products. Stay tuned!


Why do people use a Cannabis creams for pain as part of their daily wellness routine? CBD or THC applied topically interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in your skin, which may assist with pain relief and inflammation. CBD accumulates in your tissues over time, so more regular use will lead to better results.

TribeREVIVE cannabis pain creams are safe, effective and perfect for daily use on your joints, back, muscles, shoulders - anywhere that hurts! Cannabis pain cream reduces inflammation, which is many times a root cause of discomfort. In addition, cooling greatly reduces your body's ability to feel pain in a specific area, so our formulation includes 3 of nature's strongest topical analgesics: wintergreen, peppermint and menthol. Arnica also eases muscle pain and alleviates stiffness.