Cannabis Pain Creams

This pain cream from our CBD Wellness line TribeREVIVE addresses pain from every angle we could think of: cannabinoids, cooling effects, anti-inflammatories – along with amazing nourishing ingredients that are great for your skin. Customers are finding true relief from setbacks such as back/shoulder pain, strains, bruises, arthritis and carpal tunnel.



Absolutely love Tribe Tokes CBD Pain Relief Cream. I got the 500mg and works great on my shoulder & knees. I haven't been able to go to acupuncture during COVID so this was a great alternative to manage the pain. I would also like to mention that since its a cream, it soaks into your skin vs sitting on top like a balm that gets sticky/on your clothes etc. Very soothing & great product. HIGHLY recommend!


Immediate Relief - Makes everything else easier I had to write this review because I love this product. I recently had ankle surgery and have been looking for all-natural pain treatments (I have super sensitive skin and many creams can cause rashes and irritation). The TRIBERevive pain cream has been AMAZING! I use it on my foot/ankle to deal with immediate pain and swelling. I have a trifeca pain regime - 4 advils, 2 tylenols and TribeRevive Pain Cream. Because I have been walking funny, I've started to compensate and have random aches and pains daily. Today it was my arm, yesterday it was my neck, the day before in the abs. This stuff alleviates those aches before they become big problems. It is a very spa-quality and organic natural scent--almost like aromatherapy. I'd highly recommend to anyone looking for all-natural pain relief. PS love that it is not greasy. Thank you TribeRevive.


Very soothing pain relief This cream has been very effective for temporary pain relief of mild/medium tendon pain. I've had wrist and ankle tendinitis for years and decided to give this all natural solution a try. Upon application, the discomfort was feeling reduced. Over the next few hours, the pain was muted for sure (although I could still produce some discomfort with certain movements). I am hopeful that this product can be a reliable, all natural solution for my occasional muscle and tendon pain relief. It smells great (minty) and the product and packaging manufacturing is excellent.


Helps with joint pain for my work I often move heavy furniture and am bending using my knees intensely depending on my work day, and I find that this product actually works on joint pain much faster than I anticipated. The texture is a cream that rubs in very easily with no extra residue or gunk like others, and the smell is nice. I'm looking forward to continuing using this as a new alternative in my evening recovery routine.


All natural and really works! This cream has really been working for me. I have always had sore muscles and go to get massages regularly. With a busy schedule, it's nice to have relief and relaxation at home. I like the all natural ingredients so I don't feel like I'm rubbing harmful chemicals into my body. You feel a mild tingle after application which feels nice. The smell is very simple without feeling like you're using medicine. I recommend trying this product if you want an all natural way to relieve sore muscles!


feels like heaven on my shins! I put this on with a heavy hand on my shins before I go to bed. I could probably use less but after a long day standing, it just feels so good!!


My Savior I broke my ankle a few months back and this cream saved me so many nights of pain. Works like a dream! My ankle is healed and I still use it for physical therapy and any other aches I have. This is a must have product!


Works like a charm I use this cream on a daily basis great for sore muscles and body aches, my go to after hitting the gym. Also works wonders when my sciatica acts up.


My students love it!! I am a CBD Yoga instructor and offer this pain cream in every class ! The bundle is a great deal and your achy students will love it! Especially because it is so fast acting! I definitely give a 5 star rating!! I also love that the creators of this product are involved in advocacy, health, fitness and education. Which is super important because there are too many sketchy companies putting out unsafe products out in the market and confusing people about the efficacy of CBD. That's why I love Tribe Tokes :)