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The Scoop: White Widow is a hybrid weed strain made from a genetic cross between a Brazilian sativa and a South Indian indica. White Widow is one of the most famous strains worldwide, and got its name because it becomes covered in white trichomes through flowering – this crystal resin warns you of the potent effects to come! Customers report a powerful burst of euphoria and energy that stimulates both conversation and creativity. Consumers who enjoy the taste of more earthy, herbal cannabis may enjoy this cultivar.

Top Reported Benefits: Energetic, Creative, Talkative

Use For: Stress Response, Promotes Calm, Muscle Soreness

Top 3 Dominant Terpenes (in TribeTokes White Widow Vapes):

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Frequently Asked Questions

What strain is White Widow?

White Widow strain is a hybrid cannabis cultivar that is known for its crystal white terpenes that stimulate both conversation and creativity. It contains terpenes such as Alpha-Bisabolol, beta-Caryophyllene and Geraniol that give it an earthy, herbal flavor with calm and creative effects.

Is White Widow Strain and indica or sativa?

Neither! White Widow is a hybrid is a genetic cross between a Brazilian sativa and a resin-heavy South Indian indica. The cultivar is named for its crystallized resin trichomes that serve as a warning of its potency and overall awesomeness.

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