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CBD Cream For Pain

CBD Cream For Pain

Aging, long days on our feet, workout injuries, constantly checking our phones, hunching over laptops — there are so many reasons why EVERYTHING HURTS!

Thanks to the legalization of CBD, we now have another tool in our kit to fight sore muscles, strains, back pain, sore joints and even arthritis – most of which is caused by inflammation. Inflammation is like the Darth Vader of pain and CBD is a little green yoda with the spirit of a cannabis jedi.

Continue reading to learn more about using CBD cream for pain, why it works and some products that could be a fit for you.

Alternative Pain Relief for the Ages

We recently wrote about the changing perceptions of marijuana since 2900 BC, when Chinese Emperor Fu Hsi endorsed the plant for pain and inflammation relief.

So people have been turning to CBD as an alternative pain reliever for thousands of years as part of an overall wellness lifestyle. It’s amazing that it’s taken this long for the powers-that-be to come around. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2019 chronic inflammatory diseases are the most significant cause of death in the world.

As 2020 approaches, hope swells in the TribeTokes community for the end of Federal cannabis prohibition. In the meantime, it’s already been a year since the Farm Bill was passed opening the doors for Americans to buy and use cannabidiol (CBD) products derived from hemp for a wide range of uses – CBD cream for pain included.

The Canna-curious are invited!

CBD is extracted from hemp plants and is one of the most common cannabinoids that naturally occur within the plant, along with THC. If you’re here you’re canna-curious so by now you’ve figured out THC gets you high and CBD doesn’t. If you are new to TribeTokes, make sure you sign up for our email newsletter and ask us questions any time here. CBD works together with your body’s natural cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system, which manages your pain receptors. We’ll focus on issues like CBD for chronic back pain here – but for a more general overview of so many other benefits of CBD check out our blog CBD 101 – What You Need To Know.


Creams Penetrate Best, Work Fast

When it comes to muscle or joint pain, our body’s largest organ – the skin – provides an excellent opportunity for pain relief without needing to ingest anything that might have side effects. Most people don’t realize that you don’t apply CBD creams to get CBD into your bloodstream – we actually have a cannabinoid system in our skin that can interact with CBD to relieve inflammation (which is at the evil root of most pain!). From the National Institute of Health:

“Cannabinoids exert anti-inflammatory effects in skin, through both their actions on keratinocyte cytokine production and their modulation of immune cells. … Thus, endocannabinoids and their receptors constitute part of an adaptive system to regulate cutaneous inflammation.”


OK, Science, Got It. So Which Products Are For Me?

There are a flood of CBD ointments, balms, roll-ons and patches hitting the market. Balms could be good for you if you have really chapped skin and need simultaneous relief from severely dry skin. HOWEVER, balms do not always fully rub into the skin, so you could be losing some of the CBD (which is obviously very expensive!). Personally, we prefer non-greasy creams or lotions, which are fast-acting and penetrate your skin more effectively than balms. TribeTokes recommends plant-based, all natural CBD topicals such as our nourishing and invigorating TRIBE Revive.

We also recommend a pain cream that has a fast acting cooling agent such as menthol or wintergreen in addition to a high dose of CBD. CBD accumulates in your tissues over time, so more regular use will lead to better results. Menthol for example provides an immediate “aaaah” feeling that serves as a reward system to remind you to keep putting it on, which CBD alone doesn’t provide.

Side note: this might be obvious but don’t use this on your face! We have other products for that 🙂

Use CBD Cream For:

Sore Muscles
Swollen Joints
Back & Shoulder Pain
Carpal Tunnel


CBD is Part of Wellness Lifestyle

CBD pain relief cream is a way to dim localized pain receptors and reduce inflammation. CBD relieves topical pain by building up in your body’s tissues. High quality plant based ingredients are a must for the best absorption so be careful to check labels for healthy ingredients like aloe vera and natural wintergreen, so that you’re using only the best CBD oil for pain.

If this all seems luxurious, it is and you deserve it! If you are concerned about cost, keep in mind that CBD’s benefits can likely save you on healthcare costs for years and decades to come. Daily use is recommended and you can save by stocking up for winter with one of our three packs.

Educated & Elevated

Tribe Brands Founder and CEO Degelis Tufts commented, “We aim to educate our audiences as much as possible. People come to TribeTokes for an elevated experience and like us they respect plant science, consume mindfully and demand top quality.”

TribeTokes Chief Marketing Officer Kymberly Byrnes added, “At TribeTokes it’s about being mindful, fit and lit. We look forward to welcoming more health and wellness minded souls to the tribe!”


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