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3 Reasons Dispensaries Are Buying CBD Wholesale

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As the cannabinoid market continues to grow and expand, we’re seeing an exciting trend of dispensaries that are purchasing CBD wholesale products for their stores to complement their THC selection. Luxury CBD products are an appealing way to provide ratio products, meet the demand for CBD-only products, attract a female customer base, and enhance a dispensary’s reputation in their community. Keep reading to learn how to transform your dispensary into a one stop shop for all cannabinoids.

1: Assemble Luxury Brands On-site Using “Product Kits”

As product competition increases, dispensaries are responding to consumer pressure to find the highest quality products on the market. In order to carry these products dispensaries are starting to connect with luxury CBD and THC brands around the country who can send them BASE products, where the THC and CBD is introduced at their facility. For example, TribeTokes would send their amazing all-natural pain cream or Superfood Face Mask by the gallon to the dispensary. The dispensary then mixes in the THC and CBD distillate at their facility and places them in the correct packaging. This is sometimes referred to as a “product kit” which includes simple assembly instructions and packaging guidance. If the dispensary does not have a manufacturing license, then they can work with their local licensed manufacturing partner to assemble products this way.

Luxury brands that are assembled on-site are usually turned into “ratio” products. Ratio products have a combination of THC and CBD and other cannabinoids. For example, a product with a 1:1 ratio would have half CBD and half THC. A 4:1 product would have four parts CBD to one part THC.

Ratios are becoming more and more popular as people see the benefits of having both cannabinoids in their system. When users consume a vape or use a ratio skincare product, they get all the benefits of both the THC and the CBD. Ratio products provide tremendous benefits because of the entourage effect: cannabinoids are more potent and therapeutic when consumed together.

If dispensary owners do not want to assemble product kits, they could also carry luxury CBD products so that consumers can create their own ratios by consuming two products at once. Around the country, TribeTokes is seeing consumers start to create their own ratios. As an example, users might buy a THC vape and a separate CBD vape. They’ll smoke each vape together switching off, so the CBD counterbalances the effects of the THC. Some THC users can become slightly anxious, but CBD offers a relaxing, grounding sensation that enhances the experience.

The combined effects of those two products is a really powerful solution for many consumers. That’s why we see users creating their own ratio products to find the best fit for their needs. As a dispensary owner, you can stay on top of this trend and meet your customer’s needs through CBD products.

2: Demand for CBD-only Products

The second reason dispensaries are purchasing wholesale CBD is the growing demand for CBD-only products. We’ve all seen that some users don’t want any THC at all in their products. These people might only be looking for a particular benefit from their products, such as anti-inflammatory effects, improved sleep, or reduced anxiety. For some users, their unique body chemistry simply doesn’t react well with THC and CBD and other cannabinoids work better with their bodies. Dispensaries can support these customers by offering CBD-only products.

Stocking CBD-only products also helps a dispensary become a “one stop shop” for all cannabinoid products. A THC customer may come in to purchase an eighth of flower, but also want to grab a CBD tincture for a family member who doesn’t consume THC, while they’re at the store. It would be easier for them to buy the CBD tincture on site instead of needing to purchase it separately online or at a separate CBD store.

3: Attract Female Customers

The third reason for wholesale luxury CBD products is that some products do a great job catering to women. Many products in a dispensary still have male-focused packaging and even ingredients that work best for men. Their look and feel can be off-putting to your female customers. The marketing just isn’t designed with all customers in mind.

As a business owner, you know that branding and first impressions are important. Luxury CBD companies like TribeTokes offer beautiful packaging, designs, and a customer experience that enhances the ultra-healthy products that they produce. Thoughtful, high-quality formulations and designs are meant to depict the product experience, giving women CBD products that are approachable and meet their needs.

CBD beauty products are a great example of products that appeal to women. TribeTokes and TRIBEAUTY offer a whole line of CBD beauty products, which are a market niche dispensaries and THC brands don’t typically fill. Dispensaries can bring in more women by adding these products to their shelves.

Wholesale CBD products help build your customer base. By giving women a new experience and providing a healthy product that delivers on its promises, you’ll grow repeat customers. Wholesale CBD beauty products simply drive more sales to your store.

Get Started with Wholesale CBD

If you’re looking to drive sales, find new customers, and build your local reputation, wholesale CBD is a smart business move. Click below to get in touch with TribeTokes. Let’s explore your wholesale options and see what’s the best fit for your dispensary.

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