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Our loyal customers rave about not only the therapeutic benefits of pain management but the enjoyable flavors of our best-selling strain profiles. Upon its founding in 2017, TribeTokes pioneered the”clean vaping” movement – CBD pens with only 2 ingredients: pure full spectrum oil and natural plant terpenes extracted through distillation – with NO fillers or additives, ensuring a great taste.

Common CBD Vape Use Cases: Relaxation, Healthy Inflammatory Response, More Restful Sleep, Stress Relief


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Upon its founding in 2017, TribeTokes pioneered the “clean vaping” movement, a movement dedicated to the betterment of the vaping experience and those who vape because the prevalence of fillers and additives in vape pens was damning. Since 2017, TribeTokes has been creating CBD vape pens with only two ingredients in the liquid: pure full-spectrum cannabinoid oil and natural plant terpenes, with NO fillers or additives, meaning you’re getting the real complete deal. Just press the button and inhale to experience the fast-acting benefits of vaping CBD. Our vape pens are designed for smooth airflow and easy vapor activation.

At TribeTokes, we aim to eliminate quality concerns. We use CO2-extracted full-spectrum CBD distillate. This provides a clean, high-quality vaping experience from a product entirely derived from 100% hemp.

TribeTokes welcomes you to join the clean vaping movement and browse our many high-quality and clean CBD vapes so you can feel much better. But don’t take our word for it; look below at what our customers say about our vape pens and CBD oil!



THE ABSOLUTE BEST ~ Disposable Vape Out There! Never in my life have I ever purchased disposable vapes consistently more than I have a regular pen with carts. These are AHMAZING. I get all the different flavors so I can try all of them and I'm loving them all. Definitely worth sending Juicy fruit to friends and family as gifts LOL. They're easily discreet if you worry about that and nice and slim. Really love everything about these pens; I won't get any other disposable ever! Thanks so much TT!


Excellent product Just bought a couple vape pens - Mango Haze and Juicy Fruit.... Excellent product! Calming, relaxing and focused


The very BEST! This is the perfect vape pen. The perfect amount of CBD with every puff plus TribeTokes is the brand that can be trusted to delivery clean vaping each and every time. You will never be disappointed. 😉

Shannon on

High quality vaping experience I'm the most anxious, distracted and jumpy person in the world. I've been on all kinds of anti-anxiety meds but I would stop taking them after a few weeks because they all make me fall asleep! I wanted something that could give me that calm and focused feeling. This is the stuff! My faves are Sour Tsunami and Mango Haze. Mango chills me out so I can zone in when I need to work and Sour Tsunami helps me zone out when I want to chill after a long day. The pens themselves are of high quality construction, discrete and portable!

Francesca P

Top Quality CBD Juicy Fruit is my go-to for daytime stress, Sweet & Sour Widow is my favorite at night to wind down. These carts are delicious, clean tasting & I feel the effects almost instantly. I keep a disposable one on me at all times so I don't stress out when I forget to recharge my pen. I've recommended these to everyone I know - TribeTokes are one of the few companies to provide a COA on their oils and stand behind their products. Thank you!

CBD Vape Oil Pens, Disposables, Cartridges & Kits

Why do people buy CBD oil pens in their daily wellness routine? For one, CBD pens and CBD, in general, have multiple use cases that have proven to help people with health and mental health conditions. CBD can reduce anxious feelings and can be an alternative medication for managing discomfort. A quick and effective way to relax at the end of a stress-filled day is appealing to any consumer, and we provide just what you’ll need. Secondly, finding easy ways to improve your self-care routine is an admirable goal anyone can relate to. So, consider getting yourself one of our TribeTokes CBD vape pens.

Vaping CBD helps lifestyles in other ways because it is an efficient way to wind down. Vaping CBD is fast, effective, and has no calories, even when flavored like fruit or candy, so any worry about vaping affecting your diet can be lessened. 🙂 With faster absorption, higher purity, and intense potency levels, cannabis vape pens provide a high-quality consuming experience to manage your stress and relaxation. Don’t let a subpar product ruin the occasion or, potentially, your health, as a terrible product can send you right to your healthcare provider.

At TribeTokes, we researched and worked to eliminate that concern. TribeTokes strives to provide every consumer with a full-spectrum CBD distillate that uses plant terpenes and no thinning agents like propylene glycol, meaning you can rest easy when using our products and be assured that every inhalation is plant-based smoke and high quality. Entirely derived from 100% hemp-based CBD, we offer the best vape pens and a superior CBD vaping experience. We strive to provide the vape that meets your needs as a device, whether our disposable options or our rechargeable battery options, to ensure you’re set up for success.Learn more about our CBD oil cartridges, CBD vape batteries, starter kits, and all-in-one disposable products. These products provide consumers with a discreet, clean, consuming experience without any PEG, PG, MCT, VG, or other thinning agents commonly found in “vape liquid.” These thinners affect the potency, taste, and overall experience of vaping, which is no good when you’re looking for a quality experience, and you won’t find any of it in our CBD vape pens.

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CBD Vape Pens FAQ

Does Vaping CBD Kick In Faster Than Other Methods?

Yes. Most people report they feel the effects within 2 minutes of vaping CBD. This fast action – and increased bioavailability – is often cited as a main reason why CBD vape oil has become so popular vs. other consumption methods such as gummies or tinctures.

According to The Mayo Clinic, averages for CBD bioavailability (how much is absorbed into your bloodstream) by method of administration are:

  • Oral Digestion: 6% – 15% (better results when consumed with fats)
  • Sublingual / Absorbed via Mouth Tissues: 35%
  • Vaporizor: Up to 60% (better results from deeper and longer breaths)
How Do I Use My CBD Vape Oil Pen?

For TribeTokes CBD Disposable Pens, use them directly out of the box and pull them to activate—no clicking is necessary on this great disposable product!

There are a couple of ways you can use your CBD vape. Still, we recommend this process for the best CBD vapor experience with our CBD Starter Kits: Remove the cartridge from the box and remove the protective rubber tip, the metal base, and the red rubber leak stopper at the base of your cartridge. Next, screw the cartridge into your heating element/CBD vape battery of choice. Click the button on your battery 5x quickly to turn it on (child protective measure), and then hold down the button and inhale to vape.

How Many Puffs Should I Take of a CBD Vape Pen?

We recommend starting with 2-3 puffs on a new pen, waiting 5 minutes to see how you feel, and then continuing as desired. Over time, you’ll get a better understanding of how your body reacts to CBD, and you’ll have a better grasp on what’s right for you. Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different. TribeTokes prides itself on the strongest CBD vape oil, so you may not need too much to feel great!

Why Is It Called “Clean Vaping?” What Makes Vaping Clean?

TribeTokes is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and helping fight climate change while selling products that might seem counterintuitive to that goal. In comes clean vaping. With clean vaping, the product you inhale and exhale comes entirely from plant-based or sustainable sources, from the 100% hemp extract in our CBD oil to the plant terpenes in that oil to our CBD vape pens themselves not having any heavy metals that would waste away in a landfill if discarded. TribeTokes creates products for those who respect and believe in plant science, want to consume mindfully, and care about the world around them.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Buy a CBD Vape?

The age varies from state to state, but the online shopping age for CBD vapes has remained pretty unanimous. You must be at least 21 to buy from TribeTokes and other vape retailers. This reduces the risk of underage consumption and protects us and the customer so we can move responsibly.

Can You Vape CBD Hemp Oil?

Yes – hemp vapes, hemp pens and hemp oil vapes are all just other terms sometimes used to describe CBD oil for vaping, since CBD is derived from hemp. Our CBD vape oil is extracted from cannabis hemp and then refined (removing plant lipids, fats etc) into distillate to get the cannabinoid oil into its purest form. See this article for more information.

Can I buy a CBD Oil Vape on Amazon?

No – we do not sell our vapes on Amazon because it is against the terms of service for the platform. If you see CBD vapes on Amazon be careful, as they are likely not real or fraudulent products. You can buy cbd vape oil at tribetokes.com, or in over 100 retailers nationwide where our collection is for sale!

I have asthma. Can I vape a CBD pen?

We recommend talking to your general healthcare provider to see if vaping is right for you if you struggle with health conditions like asthma. The severity of your condition could make or break your experience when vaping, so make sure you have professional guidance before consuming. That way, you’ll avoid injury and be more conscious about your consumption.

Will CBD show up in a drug test?

While CBD itself may not set off a drug test, many CBD products contain trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). First, you will want to know which of the following your products are made with:

  • CBD Isolate => the CBD molecule is isolated from the plant into a powder form and then added into the product formulation – there is typically zero or “non-detect” THC in isolate
  • Full Spectrum CBD Distillate => an oil that contains mostly CBD but is “full plant” extract – meaning it also contains some of the other cannabinoids such as THC, CBN, CBC, CBG, THCv, and CBDv, as well as some of the original plant lipids
  • “Broad spectrum” CBD distillate => an oil that is full plant but has had the THC completely removed through a manufacturing process.

To minimize the risk of CBD affecting drug test results, it is advisable to choose third-party tested CBD products with low THC levels (below 0.3%) and to thoroughly review the ingredients list to ensure there’s no unexpected tetrahydrocannabinol present. It is always better to be safe than sorry with a drug test!Now if you are into THC, that’s a different story and it will likely set off a drug test.

What Is the quality of your CBD Pens and Cartridges?

TribeTokes offers the best CBD oil vapes through the cleanest vaping experience. Back in 2016, when the cannabis vaping industry was in its nascency, we realized that many cannabis vaping products were using unhealthy fillers and cutting agents, and we set out to do better! After all, CBD is meant to be a wellness product at its core, so it’s vital that you can trust the quality of the liquid that you’re vaping. We use CO2-extracted full-spectrum CBD hemp oil rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. We provide the lab report for every batch available for viewing on our website.

Our loyal customers rave about our best-selling strain profiles’ therapeutic benefits for pain relief and enjoyable flavors. Compared to other methods like tinctures, vaping allows the CBD to take effect much faster through inhalation without irritating the throat. Our customers can taste and feel the difference!

TribeTokes offers the best CBD oil vapes through the cleanest vaping experience…After all, CBD is meant to be a wellness product at its core, so it’s vital that you can trust the quality and potency of the product that you’re vaping. We use CO2 extracted full spectrum CBD hemp oil rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. We provide the lab report for every batch available for viewing on our website to ensure consistent quality and shelf life.