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What is CBD Coffee?

What is CBD Coffee?

People across generations depend on coffee to optimally perform in their every day lives – making it the most popular beverage globally, with more than 450 million cups consumed in the United States every day.

While coffee is considered a go-to drink, it can cause jitters for its drinkers. Consuming too much coffee may not be suitable for people with anxiety. This is where CBD Coffee can come into play.

CBD Coffee is fairly self-explanatory – coffee grinds with CBD infused into it. However, you can also add a CBD tincture into regular coffee after brewing it. With the spike of CBD consumption, many coffee shops have a CBD additive option for a few extra dollars, and most of them are taking this tincture shortcut.

CBD is a compound derived from the cannabis sativa plant, commonly known as hemp (if has under 0.3% THC) or marijuana (if it has over 0.3% THC). Marijuana is considered illegal in some parts of the world, so US brands use CBD derived from hemp. The only FDA-approved medication with CBD is Epidiolex, which serves as a treatment for certain types of epilepsy.

CBD and Coffee: A Match Made In Heaven

Consuming CBD can cause drowsiness for some, but coffee has caffeine to combat that – which is why some describe it as the perfect combo. Coffee can increase your heart rate, while CBD can help you feel relaxed. These factors are why coffee and CBD are a match made in heaven.

If you have a stressful job and want the energy from coffee, but also want something to take the edge / jitters off, this could be a good combo for you. Consumers will feel alert but relaxed after drinking CBD coffee, possibly curbing the fight or flight response triggered by cortisol from the caffeine. The main reason many people drink coffee is to increase our work productivity – but it’s hard to be productive if we feel anxious or our hearts are palpitating! CBD oil can cancel out these side effects, helping us to keep a relaxed mind while working throughout a stressful day.

Self-Dosing May Be The Best Option

Wake & Bake CBD Coffee by CannabisWithKymB

Despite not being regulated by the FDA, there are many states where CBD is legal since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, and CBD oil sales have exploded. People take it for a variety of reasons, from easing pain due to arthritis to people using CBD products to get a better night’s sleep. Everyone’s bodies react differently as we each have a unique endocannabinoid system; for other people, a large dosage of the oil is preferred, while for others a small dose does the trick.

Your baristas can’t prescribe you a dosage of the oil. Their job is to make coffees or lattes. On some occasions, they might add too much or too little into your coffee. Therefore, instead of visiting your local coffee shop, we suggest you make your own CBD coffee using a tincture – you will know if you’re putting in too much or too little – OR purchasing pre-infused CBD coffee grinds and drinking as much or as little of it as you desire.

Some people prefer to mix in the oil after brewing their coffee. If you like to purchase your coffee outside your home / on the way to work, you can bring your tincture in your purse or leave it in your car and mix it in yourself to save the $2-3 extra per cup coffee shops are charging for CBD. Be sure to mix well so the oil doesn’t all float in the top of your cup!

CannabisWithKymB, the personal brand of TribeTokes co-founder Kym Byrnes, developed a method that prevents you from making a mess in the kitchen while making your coffee. Their coffee cans are nitro-sealed to keep the formula extra fresh.

It is better if you are the one making your CBD coffee blend at home, because you can add the right amount of CBD for you. If ingestion is your CBD consumption method of choice, be sure to also check out our organic CBD Gummy Bears. Also make sure that you are always Consider buying from stores whose products have quality certifications such as lab tests! .

There are a lot of reasons why people love to drink CBD coffee, and its appeal is clear – the fact that it keeps us relaxed is reason enough to keep us hooked! Keep in mind that our bodies may react differently, so look for studies to determine which amount is right for you.

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