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Things to know about your vape

Wholesalers, distributors, and retailers around the country are eager to find the best Delta 8 products to meet rising demand. Since Delta 8 is created through a variety of chemical processes converting Delta 9 THC or CBD to Delta 8 THC, most store owners or purchasing managers have had trouble finding high quality vapes. The best Delta 8 vape cartridges use responsible manufacturing processes and best-in-class ingredients to achieve superior quality, taste, and experience.

Manufacturing Process

Most cannabinoids are extracted from cannabis plants and used to create products. Delta 8 occurs in very small amounts in cannabis plants so it has to be created through chemical processes by converting Delta 9 THC or CBD. There are a variety of ways to achieve the conversion through chemical processes. The key is to use manufacturing best practices to ensure a clean and healthy end-product.

TribeTokes synthesizes Delta 8 THC by converting the molecular structure of hemp derived CBD. This conversion is achieved by a process called cyclization. In this process, the biomass is first catalyzed using a solvent to allow for molecular restructuring. The Delta 8 solution is then neutralized with a food grade base. At this point the Delta 8 needs to be separated from the solvent and all other biomass via chromatography. This results in pure Delta 8 distillate. The distillate is then expertly formulated with plant extracts and expert terpene blends to create the final Delta 8 vape product.

Concern about Bleach and Residual Solvents

There is a lot of buzz around the internet about Delta 8 being produced using bleach and concern that bleach will contaminate the end product. It’s unlikely any good manufacture uses bleach to create Delta 8 but it is true that acids are needed for the chemical conversion process. It’s important to use Food Grade solvents that are 99%+ pure such as Heptane so that the distillate is not exposed to harsh chemicals. The most important thing to remember is that the solvents must be completely removed from the distillate. The end consumer or wholesale buyer should check the lab tests to make sure the distillate “passes” for removing “residual solvents.”


The delta 8 manufacturing process typically results in a clear or rose colored distillate. However, with the right combination of cannabinoids and plant extracts the distillate can be a gold or amber color which results in superior flavor and vaping experience.


Amazing taste in vapes is in direct correlation with the quality of the terpenes. First, real cannabis terpenes are more expensive than botanical or synthetic terpenes but the taste drastically better. Second, not all cannabis terpenes are created equal. When the best terpenes are used the end user can taste the flavorful but not overpowering flavors of the real plant terpenes. Finally, manufactures must be skilled to create and tweak terpene formulations to create the perfect Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica flavor profiles and connected therapeutic effects from consuming high quality terpenes.


Most vape companies use the hardware or cartridge itself from a few of the largest factories and producers in the world that have problems with quality. Many vapes have been pulled off the shelves of dispensaries and CBD stores because they have been found to leak heavy metals over time. It’s important to carry vapes that are developed with advanced hardware. That means stainless steal is used to eliminate heavy metal leakage. Secondly, the best vape cartridges are designed so that the air flow does not pass through the battery to ensure that contaminates are not able to flow through to the lungs.

Why TribeTokes

TribeTokes is an industry leader in CBD Vapes, known by some to produce the healthiest vapes on the market pioneering the Clean Vaping Movement. TribeTokes is one of the few companies that does not use unhealthy fillers or cutting agents in their vapes. Many of TribeTokes retail partners and wholesalers asked TribeTokes to make a healthier and higher quality Delta 8 vape than what buyers were seeing on the market. The result is the expertly formulated TribeTokes Delta 8 vape that has best in class manufacturing, amazing terpene blends, advanced stainless steal hardware and an overall enriched Delta 8 vaping experience.

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