Piña Colada Strain

Pina Colada Strain

The Scoop: Piña Colada is a versatile strain for both relaxation and stimulation, making it a popular sativa for social gatherings or creative activities.  It may also benefit those dealing with stress, fatigue or inflammation.  When was the last time you felt the sand between your toes, drank straight from a coconut, or lounged by the water in deep relaxation? Embrace the vibe of a tropical vacation reminiscent of the popular cocktail this strain is named after.

Top Reported Benefits: Focused, Inspired, Happy

Use For: Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue

Top 3 Dominant Terpenes (in TribeTokes Piña Colada Vapes):

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Frequently Asked Questions

What strain is Piña Colada?

Piña Colada strain is a sativa cannabis strain that is known for its stimulating effects and tropical vibes. It contains terpenes such as myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and alpha-pinene that give it a sweet flavor and happy effects.

Is Pina Colada strain indica or sativa?

Pina Colada is a sativa marijuana strain with happy and uplifting effects, making it great for socializing. This sativa-dominant pairing of Congo IBL and Queen Mother genetics may leave you with uplifting euphoria that leads to laughter. Its buzz settles down into the body as functional and mild relaxation that helps with inflammation and physical discomfort.

Lab Tests

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