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Why Dispensaries Are Partnering with High End Brands

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As the cannabis industry matures and consumers become more sophisticated, the demand for high-end products increases. Dispensaries are entering a tricky period – consumers want the “best in cannabis” products that are known nationwide, and rely on their dispensaries to carry them. However, their local dispensary may rely on limited local supply chains or only grow their own flower, which restricts them from stocking products customers are seeking out. The solution is for dispensaries to partner and collaborate with amazing CBD and THC brands that can help them offer high quality luxury products with recognizable labels.

Dispensaries Need Luxury Products

The average cannabis consumer is looking for products that go beyond the simple joint or edible and are now looking for luxury products such as all-natural topicals and clean vapes with no fillers or cutting agents. Dispensaries primarily retail cannabis products, and may be restricted by state regulations or resources that keep them from carrying certain product categories or brands.

One way to get around this is by partnering with high-end manufacturers that sell certain types of products wholesale as a “kit.” The dispensary can then add state-compliant THC to the products on site using mixing machines. For example, if a dispensary has a manufacturing license they could order TribeTokes all-natural pain cream by the gallon, and add THC and CBD distillate to the product on-site at their facility. This allows the dispensary to avoid restrictions around shipping THC products across state lines (since the products are shipped without cannabinoids) and gives dispensaries unprecedented access to the best products and brands around the country.

Sometimes buying products and assembling them onsite is referred to as a product kit. This kit includes mixing tools, supplies, packaging, labels, and instructions, so the dispensaries have all they need to add their THC distillate to the product on site. The detailed process would look like this:

  • Dispensary buys kit from the manufacturer. The kit includes instructions with measurements, base product, labeling, and packaging.
  • Dispensary (assuming it has the proper license) mixes THC and/or CBD distillate into product based on the instructions from the kit. A common commercial kitchen blender is often all that is needed to blend THC oils and distillates into topicals.
  • Dispensary then packages and labels new THC/CBD pain, beauty, or vape product.
  • The product is put out for sale and sells like crazy 🙂 due to the amazing formulation, packaging, and unique product type. For example, a product such as a CBD/THC Superfood Face Mask is an attractive and unique offering on the retail shelf.


In order to increase repurchase rates, dispensaries need to have the best products on the market for their customers. However, dispensaries typically do not have advanced manufacturing capabilities and are at times limited to products offered by local manufacturers. In order to expand their offerings, dispensaries are looking to luxury CBD and THC brands like TribeTokes to help them add luxury products to their shelves. They can do this by mixing in CBD or THC on-site at their facility OR by simply offering some CBD-only beauty, vape, and pain products that have amazing formulations and sophisticated packaging that amazes their customer base.

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