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What is α-HUMULENE?

What is the Terpene α-HUMULENE?

Humulene, which is sometimes known to vape users as α-humulene, is another terpene (in addition to myrcene) that is is found in both beer and cannabis – it is a key component of the essential oil of the hops plant. Humulene has subtle earthy, woody, and spicy notes that give hoppy beers their unique taste

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What is α-OCIMENE?

What is α-OCIMENE?

Ocimene is a terpene that has a sweet, herbaceous, and sometimes citrusy odor. In addition to cannabis plants, it can be found in a variety of fruits and herbs including mangoes, kumquats, mint, parsley, tarragon and orchids. Ocimene is also commonly found in perfumes due to its sweet and floral aromatic profile. For countries and

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What is Terpinolene?

What is Terpinolene?

Terpinolene is a common terpene found in cannabis that is known for both a woody and citrusy aroma and for having a mild to moderate sedative effect on consumers. Throughout nature, you’ll find it in sage, lilac, rosemary, conifer trees, apple trees, and tea trees. Benefits from terpinolene may include antifungal and antibacterial properties (which

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What is a β-CARYOPHYLLENE Terpenoid?

What is the Terpene β-CARYOPHYLLENE?

Are you familiar with the scent and flavor of pepper cloves, oregano, black caraway, cinnamon, rosemary, or basil? These spices can all attribute part of their aromatic profile to one of the most common cannabis terpenes, b-Caryophyllene. If you are a cannabis grower, you’re most certainly familiar with this terpene, because the amount of beta-caryophyllene

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Sativa CBD vs. Indica CBD

Sativa CBD vs. Indica CBD

More and more countries are allowing for both the consumption of medicinal and leisure use of cannabis. As it becomes increasingly legal, people’s comfort levels with buying cannabis products is skyrocketing. Brands have incorporated the plant in more and more types of products, from coffees to skincare products. As you may know, there are many

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What is CBD Coffee?

What is CBD Coffee?

People across generations depend on coffee to optimally perform in their every day lives – making it the most popular beverage globally, with more than 450 million cups consumed in the United States every day. While coffee is considered a go-to drink, it can cause jitters for its drinkers. Consuming too much coffee may not be

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Can you travel with CBD?

Can You Travel With CBD?

CBD oil has many uses, and recently, brands have started to incorporate it into a wide range of products. You can buy CBD Gummy Bears and skincare products that contain CBD, and even some dog treats now have CBD in them to calm our anxious 4-legged friends. Due to the changes in the law, more

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What CBD Strain Is Best For Anxiety?

What CBD Strain Is Best For Anxiety? A Guide to Choosing Anti-Anxiety CBD Flower

If you’re one of the millions of people struggling with anxiety, you may be curious about using CBD strains to help manage your symptoms. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating compound found in cannabis that has gained popularity for its potential calming and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects. But with so many CBD strains available, how do

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Are CBD Vape Oils Legal?

Are CBD Vape Oils Legal?

Are CBD vapes legal? Some vape oil producers advertise that their product has material from indica and sativa strains, which are marijuana, which is illegal at the federal level and in most states. For now, anyway. But how is CBD vape oil legal if it has CBD from marijuana? That has to do with key

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Clean Vaping Lab

What Is Clean Vaping?

It’s basically everywhere. Seeing a white cloud flowing from the crowds has become commonplace. Vaping has become increasingly popular…. In fact, data shows that by 2021 there will be 55 million global vapers. Sure, that number is significantly lower than the current 1 billion traditional smokers worldwide, but since 2011 vaping has increased from 7

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Should You Take CBD When Sick?

Should I Take CBD When Sick?

Whether a person should take CBD when sick is a good question, whether contemplating taking it yourself or giving it to someone as a home remedy during a period of illness. Bear in mind, the FDA has not approved the use of CBD for any illnesses other than two forms of epilepsy for which it

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Is CBD Oil Keto Friendly?

Is CBD Oil Keto Friendly?

A worthy question! For the most part, yes, though this varies heavily on who makes the CBD tincture in question. We can’t speak for other manufacturers, but we’ll give you the general overview and then tell you about our CBD products and where they fit into the scheme of things. The ketogenic diet, in case

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