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The Gelato strain has reached a legendary status among cannabis connoisseurs. Customers love its sweet taste, potency and balanced terpene profile. Gelato is an evenly-balanced hybrid strain, originally made from crossing Sunset Sherbet with Thin Mint GSC. Consumers report a euphoric and relaxing effect, while still being stimulated enough for daytime use. 

Pro tip: Our CBD carts are also boosted with ~10% CBG. How come we use high CBG vape oil? CBG vapes have amazing benefits such as strengthening the function of anandamide (“the pleasure molecule”), improving both stress and inflammatory responses,  and supporting focus. CBG cartridges have no psychotropic effects, so they will not give you a high.

TribeTokes is a pioneer of the “clean vaping movement.” Back in 2016, we noticed that most CBD vape oil on the market was cut with additives that are no bueno for your lungs – we wanted to do better, and our customers agree that we nailed it!

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Lab TestedFull Spectrum2 Ingredients, No Additives Leak Proof


Raising the bar

“This vaporizer from TribeTokes looks just like a fancy pop-up car key. It’s easy to conceal and makes you feel like a cannabis-loving spy. Any type of cartridge works in this fun rechargeable vaporizer, but try TribeToke’s CBD Mango Haze for a tropical toke.”
– Allure, The 15 Best CBD Vape Pens

“TribeTokes is a woman-owned company that makes taking CBD accessible and chic. This kit has everything you need (battery and CBD cartridge) to begin your vape journey.”
– Marie Claire, 12 CBD Products That You Should Actually BuyLearn more about TribeTokes vape oil:


We pride ourselves on having only 2 ingredients in our all natural CBD Vapes:

  • Full Spectrum CBD Distillate: Hemp-Derived, Grown & Processed in the USA
  • Plant-Based Terpenes 

Each cartridge is on average ~75% cannabinoids (375 mg) and 5-10% terpenes, and the balance are the other oils/extracts from the hemp plant. 

Here is an average cannabinoid breakdown per cartridge ( % / mg per full gram cartridge):

  • 54.5% CBD / 546 mg
  • 10.6% CBG / 106 mg
  • 4.7% CBDv / 46 mg
  • 0.2% THC / 2 mg
  • 0.2% CBC / 2 mg
  • 0.08% CBN / 0.8 mg

Each strain profile is extracted from living plants, so there may be slight variance in color as TribeTokes does not use stabilizing chemicals in its production process. Color variance has no effect on quality.

All products contain zero or less than 0.3% THC.


You should always know what you’re putting in your lungs!  We test our vapes with an independent third party laboratory for potency, heavy metals, residual solvents, pesticides, mycotoxins and microbial. 

When you purchase your vape it will have a sticker with the lab results on it.  We post the lab results from the most recent batch in circulation on our site, please see: Certificates of Analysis

What’s In Your Vape? Things You Need To Know

To be blunt, we need to talk about what’s in vape cartridges. Too many THC cartridges and CBD cartridges use additives and thinning agents that are potentially damaging to our bodies. These dubious additives have been linked to a series of medical issues from sore throats to popcorn lung. While additional data is needed for conclusions, findings not only urge for further testing but also for these findings to be considered in policymaking.

Things to know about your vape

Gelato CBD Cartridge FAQs

What are Gelato CBD Cartridges?

Using a vape cartridge is a popular cannabis consumption method, especially for those looking for an easy way to get immediate relief. A Gelato CBD cartridge is infused with plant-based terpenes and cannabinoids from the renowned Gelato hybrid strain.

Most cartridges contain 75% cannabinoids and 5% to 10% terpenes, just like TribeToke’s Gelato CBD cartridge. But one thing is sure: all cartridges from legal and reputable brands contain less than 0.3% THC content. A CBD cartridge includes the following key parts:

  • Chamber: This is where the CBD oil is filled in a specific quantity.
  • Atomizer: This produces heat so that the cannabis oil will be vaporized for inhalation.
  • Mouthpiece: This is the tip of the cartridge where you can inhale the vapor.

Like other prepackaged cartridges, a Gelato weed cartridge should be screwed into a vape battery before use. Most vape cartridges are compatible with 510-thread batteries. The number “510” means ten threads at 5mm. This type of vape battery is the standard for most vape pens and e-cigarettes.

You will attach the cartridge to the compatible battery before inhaling the vapor through the mouthpiece. Once the prefilled Gelato CBD cartridge is attached to the rechargeable battery, the battery will transfer power to the atomizer. The atomizer will then heat the oil inside the cartridge, creating a vapor that can be inhaled.

Many people love using vape cartridges, and it is easy to understand why. Here are some advantages of using vape cartridges that may convince you to try the Gelato weed cartridge!

  • Convenient: Vape cartridges let you inhale cannabis with a simple push of a button. This provides you with easy and quick effects, making it an excellent go-to if you suddenly feel like smoking.
  • Discreet: Cartridges are discreet due to their small and slim design. This allows you to keep it in your bag or pocket easily. Vape cartridges also produce a milder odor than smoked cannabis. Thus, they are less noticeable and bothersome to the people around you.
  • Varied: The Gelato Strain is not the only flavor you can find in vape cartridges. There are a plethora of different strain selections, so you can choose the best one that will suit your needs and preferences.

Comforting: Cartridges heat the cannabis oil in a way that provides a smooth inhalation experience. In some vape devices, you can set the temperature for a more enjoyable vaping session.

What is Gelato Strain, and what are its origins?

The Gelato strain is a hybrid weed made by crossing Sunset Sherbet with Thin Mint GSC. This strain is excellent for daytime use since it eases pain, boosts appetite, and helps with depression. Gelato has a sweet, fruity, and minty flavor and aroma. Its buds have dark purple hues with fiery orange hairs and a white coat of crystal resin. Breeders of the Gelato strain figured out that phenotype number 33 is one of the most associated with the strain. This is where the nickname Larry Bird was derived. Larry Bird is also the name of one of the best basketball players of all time, who won three NBA championships and has the jersey number 33.

Are Gelato Weed Cartridges safe?

Once you inhale from a Gelato weed cartridge, the smoke will travel into the lungs and be absorbed into your bloodstream. If you are a first-time cannabis smoker, taking a slow and gentle pull will be best. Then, wait for a few minutes before smoking again. This will ensure that you will know the effects before you take another hit.

To ensure that you are using the Gelato weed cartridge safely, here are some tips you should follow:

  • Make sure you know what you are getting. Licensed and reputable dispensaries like TribeTokes have to follow strict production requirements to ensure our products are safe to use. The best way to ensure you get high-quality vape cartridges is to look into the shop you are buying from. When you buy something from an unregulated source or from someone you do not know, you won’t know if the product has harmful ingredients, wrong labels, or poor craftsmanship. 
  • Keep your vape device clean. The threads on the cartridge and the battery need to be kept clean so that they can fit tightly once you attach them together. Use a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol to clean the tiny parts and ensure that there is no residue on the device.
  • Ensure that the cartridge does not get too hot. If the cartridge or the vape battery suddenly stops working, it could be because of overheating. Vape batteries that are turned on for a long time can cause them to shut down. Also, the cannabis oil inside the unit could be damaged if the unit gets too hot. Even if you are trying to relieve severe symptoms, you should take time when vaping.
  • Inspect your battery. If you want the best performance from your battery, you should learn about its features to fix any problems that may arise. Most batteries flash when they need to be charged or when their temperature has reached a level that is too high. If the light on your battery flickers or changes color, it means that the device is trying to tell you something about its current state.
  • Store the Gelato weed cartridges correctly. It is best to keep the vape cartridges out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperatures. Keep in mind that cartridges can still work well for a few months after they have been bought. However, they will work best if they are used within the first few weeks. Before you use an older cartridge, warm it up in your hand for a few minutes to soften the cannabis oil inside.
How do I use a Gelato CBD Oil vape cartridge?

The Gelato CBD cartridge is known for being easy to use, but you need to know how to use them correctly to get the most out of your money. It is essential to know that most cartridges work similarly. Nevertheless, make sure to follow any instructions that are written on the box.

When using cartridges, you will need a rechargeable battery with a standard 510 threading to turn it into a “vape pen.” Once you have both the cartridge and the battery, you need to do the following:

  1. Charge your battery. Before you use a cartridge, you will want to ensure your battery is fully charged to work well. Connect your battery to the charger and wait for the light on the charger to go out. This means that the battery is fully charged.
  2. Attach the vape cartridge. Screw the cartridge onto the battery to attach the two. Check to make sure that the part fits well and is attached in the right way.
  3. Turn on the battery. Some batteries turn on by themselves, while others need to be turned on by tapping the button a specific number of times. When you press the button on a battery, the light will turn on to show that the device is ready to use.
  4. Press and inhale. Breathe gently through the cartridge’s mouthpiece while holding down the button on your vape battery. You should see the battery light up and feel vapor entering your lungs. When you exhale, a small amount of vapor should come out, which shows that the device is working as it should.
  5. Adjust your dose. The right dose will be set based on your CBD tolerance. Some people might only need one or two puffs, while others might need more. Make sure you give yourself time to adjust and figure out how the Gelato CBD cartridge makes you feel before you go for another puff.
Is there any THC in the Gelato CBD cartridge?

TribeToke’s Gelato CBD Cartridge contains 0.2% THC since we use hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD distillate. We know some of you might be worried that this THC content will make you feel high. Trust us, the THC content in our cartridge won’t make you extremely euphoric and intoxicated.

There are three types of CBD oils used in cartridges. We listed them down below:

  1. CBD Isolate: This contains pure CBD. Since all the THC in the oil is taken out during extraction, you can’t get high from it. If you take CBD by itself, there won’t be an entourage effect because it’s just CBD. As a result, you might not get all the therapeutic benefits of the other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.
  2. Broad Spectrum: This type of CBD oil is made to keep most of the other cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Most broad-spectrum CBD products get rid of most of the THC, so the levels stay below 0.3%.
  3. Full Spectrum: This is the most natural and organic type of CBD oil. THC and all the other cannabinoids of the hemp or cannabis plant are in it.

If you want to ensure that there are no traces of THC in your vape cartridge, look for a cartridge that contains CBD isolate. However, it is vital to note that you won’t get the benefits of the entourage effect if you opt for such products. CBD cartridges like our Gelato CBD cartridges have different amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes to maximize the potential benefits of cannabis plant compounds.

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