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Delta 8 THC is one of over 100 cannabinoids that have been identified in cannabis plants. Unlike other Delta 8 THC vapes on the market, TribeTokes pure and potent vape oil is full spectrum, containing CBD, CBG and strain-specific terpenes for maximum therapeutic benefit. Shop the best delta 8 disposable vape pens, cartridges, starter kits and batteries.

Common Delta 8 Vape Use Cases:  Staying Asleep Through The Night, Stress Relief, Relaxation


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THE ABSOLUTE BEST ~ Disposable Vape Out There! Never in my life have I ever purchased disposable vapes consistently more than I have a regular pen with carts. These are AHMAZING. I get all the different flavors so I can try all of them and I'm loving them all. Definitely worth sending Juicy fruit to friends and family as gifts LOL. They're easily discreet if you worry about that and nice and slim. Really love everything about these pens; I won't get any other disposable ever! Thanks so much TT!


Excellent product Just bought a couple vape pens - Mango Haze and Juicy Fruit.... Excellent product! Calming, relaxing and focused


The very BEST! This is the perfect vape pen. The perfect amount of CBD with every puff plus TribeTokes is the brand that can be trusted to delivery clean vaping each and every time. You will never be disappointed. 😉

Shannon on

High quality vaping experience I'm the most anxious, distracted and jumpy person in the world. I've been on all kinds of anti-anxiety meds but I would stop taking them after a few weeks because they all make me fall asleep! I wanted something that could give me that calm and focused feeling. This is the stuff! My faves are Sour Tsunami and Mango Haze. Mango chills me out so I can zone in when I need to work and Sour Tsunami helps me zone out when I want to chill after a long day. The pens themselves are of high quality construction, discrete and portable!

Francesca P

Top Quality CBD Juicy Fruit is my go-to for daytime stress, Sweet & Sour Widow is my favorite at night to wind down. These carts are delicious, clean tasting & I feel the effects almost instantly. I keep a disposable one on me at all times so I don't stress out when I forget to recharge my pen. I've recommended these to everyone I know - TribeTokes are one of the few companies to provide a COA on their oils and stand behind their products. Thank you!


Why do our customers give rave reviews on vaping our Delta 8 THC pen as part of their daily wellness routine? Vaping D8 is fast, effective and feels great day or night. With fast absorption and high potency levels, Delta 8 pens provide a high-quality consumption experience. Don’t let a subpar product ruin the occasion or potentially, your health.

TribeTokes strives to provide consumers with a full spectrum cannabis vapes that blends delta 8 oil with strain-specific terpenes and no unhealthy fillers. Learn more about our Delta 8 THC disposable vape pens and D8 starter kits, which provide consumers with a discreet, clean consuming experience without any PEG, PG, MCT, VG, or any other thinning agents​ commonly found in competitors’ products who are trying to cut corners.

delta 8 vape
Delta 8 Vape Pens
delta 8 disposable vape pen


Delta 8 pens may leave you feeling euphoric, clear-headed and relaxed while still having energy. Delta 8 falls somewhere nicely between smoking a joint and drinking a glass of wine. Many consumers report that they do not get the “couch lock” and drowsiness that is often associated with Delta 9, or traditional, THC.

The good news is that high quality feels amazing. The vaping experience can be incredibly enjoyable and therapeutic when smoking a high quality delta 8 vape with pure oil, fantastic terpenes, no fillers or cutting agents, full spectrum cannabinoids, and all the attention to detail needed to make a powerful smooth healthy product. For this reason, it’s not best to skimp on price – treat yourself to the nicest vapes money can buy! Brands and manufacturers have a responsibility to educate their customers on what makes a product healthy or harmful. Always remember to check customer reviews for any product you’re buying, and the next time you take a puff on a TribeTokes Delta 8 product, you will know you are in good hands.

Delta 8 Vapes FAQ

Does Vaping Delta 8 THC Kick In Faster Than Other Methods?

Yes. Most people report they feel the effects within 2 minutes of vaping D8. This fast bioavailability is often cited as a main reason why customers choose vaping over other consumption methods such as edibles, which can take up to 90 minutes to take effect for some people! Bioavailability from a vape can be ~60-70%, vs only 6-15% from edibles, meaning you also need to consume less to get the same effect, which can be more economical. Cannabis vaporizers have become massively popular since 2010 as an alternative to combustion (referring to the need to light flower on fire to smoke it, which can create byproducts). Vaping Delta 8 is also very popular for people live in apartments, since it creates less odor for your family and neighbors.

Where Can I Buy Delta 8 Vapes?

While they may be available at local delta 8 vape shops, it’s best to buy Delta 8 THC vape pens online where you can do more research on the brand, browse customer reviews and double check lab tests. As for where to get delta 8 pens online, we obviously believe has the best delta 8 vape oil for sale on the internet  but don’t take it from us, check out our customer reviews! When you order delta 8 disposable vapes online from TribeTokes, it will typically be delivered within 2-3 days.

How Much Do Delta 8 Vapes Cost?

So, what is the price of a Delta 8 Vape Pen? The answer is that delta 8 pen prices vary widely depending on quality. Some websites sell D8 disposable vapes at very cheap prices because they do not invest in lab testing and quality assurance, may use artificial flavors instead of real plant terpenes, and may not have sophisticated formulations such as full spectrum (with other cannabinoids from the plant included for extra therapeutic benefit).

At TribeTokes, we will typically be priced at the high end of the d8 pens market because we have expensive hardware that will not leech heavy metals, pay for batch lab testing, and have more sophisticated formulas that cost more to make. However, we do offer ways to keep delta 8 thc pen prices low for our loyal customers, with 10% cash back for being a part of our loyalty program, 10% off for subscriptions, and generous discounts of delta 8 vapes of up to $30 off for bundles (offered in 2-packs and 3-packs where you can choose your own strains).

So to answer the question “how much is a delta 8 pen?” you must consider the quality of the device, oil and company – not all d8 vapes are created equal! When purchasing disposable weed pens, you get what you pay for.

Is Delta 8 THC Similar To CBD?

While most Delta 8 is created originally from CBD, they are not the same as they have different benefits – CBD does not get you high, although it is relaxing and can help you with a more restful sleep. Fortunately, our CBD and THC ratio vape is an amazing combination for those looking for the benefits of both!

Can you fly with Delta 8 vapes? Can you bring a delta 8 vape on a plane?

Against what you would typically think, passengers are supposed to take vapes in their carry-on luggage instead of checking them at the airport. This is for safety purposes related to loose lithium batteries causing explosions (this is if batteries are free floating, not within a device, so while this is highly unlikely the result is so dangerous that airlines do ask customers never to check devices with batteries). That being said, even if you have a THC vape pen in your carry-on, you are absolutely not allowed to vape it within the airport or on a plane – and if you do and get caught you can face extremely expensive fines!