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Turn it and burn it! This King Size glass blunt will lead flower lovers into a paperless revolution. Form and function combine in our king-sized glass spiral pipe, allowing for a smoke sesh without the need to burn rolling papers or cigar wraps. Holds up to 2 grams. 

Unfortunately, blunts are one of the unhealthiest smoking options. Cigar paper itself contains a significant amount of tobacco and nicotine – so a glass or crystal blunt can provide a great alternative. Skip the papers and try this stylish option instead!

Best part? Once it cools off, you can cap it and throw it back in your purse or pocket for use on the go. 



How to use: Remove the screw and keep the black rubber stopper on the other side. Fill the glass chamber with ground flower, then twist in the screw to create an “herb spiral.” Then remove the black stopper and light the blunt. To ash, twist the metal.


Just because you love CBD flower doesn’t mean you’re a fan of using paper. Thanks to the sleek Phoenix Quartz Crystal Pipe, your CBD needs will be filled in an efficient, eye-catching manner. 

– CannaTech Today, Top 25 Cannabis Products for 2020

“Your most glamorous stoner friend (who can always be counted on to have a blunt in her purse) will never have to get her hands dirty rolling again. Knowing her, she’ll show off this TribeTokes quartz crystal pipe (available in gold and rose gold) as her new favorite accessory.”

-Guest of a Guest, 9 Cheeky-Chic Gifts For Everyone On Your Naughty List

How to Use a Glass Blunt: Everything You Need to Know

Glass blunts have become a popular smoking accessory for cannabis enthusiasts, offering a reusable, eco-friendly, and flavorful alternative to traditional rolling methods. However, with various available options, choosing the perfect glass blunt can seem overwhelming. Below, we will discuss the essential factors to consider when purchasing a glass blunt, ensuring you find the ideal match … How to Use a Glass Blunt: Everything You Need to Know Read More »


Glass Blunt FAQs

How do I use a glass blunt?

A glass blunt is an eco-friendly way of smoking herbs compared to rolling papers or other blunt wraps. Since it is simple to use and easy to carry, a glass blunt is a common favorite among smokers. There are two popular types of glass blunts, which are the slider and the twisty. The first thing to prepare when using a glass blunt is, of course, the cannabis itself. Decide what strain you will use for your session, and bring out your glass blunt and lighter. To use a glass blunt with a twist mechanism, like The Phoenix Glass Blunt, simply load your herb and twist the screw. Push the content up in the cylinder to ensure they are evenly distributed throughout the tube. The screw will act as the winding pathway, separating the blunt into the chambers. Since the smoke will travel longer, it will cool down a bit as it reaches your mouth. The traditional glass blunt design is the slider, which you use by sliding its inner tube back and front. To use it, load the chamber with your favorite cannabis strain, light it, and inhale. The O-ring will help seal the blunt’s inner tube, control its airflow, and keep it in place. When filling up the glass blunt, be sure not to put too much or too little, so the smoke can freely travel through. An optimal amount to put is around one gram. If you can’t smoke it all at once, put the cap back on and store the herb for later sessions.

How do I pack a glass blunt?

You probably already know that rolling flowers is sometimes tiring, inconvenient, and time-consuming. When rolling a blunt or joint traditionally, you have to ensure that the size of the pack can fit the paper. 

You also have to be extremely careful in rolling the paper since the flower may fall out. Not to mention that you also have to make sure that the blunt will hold its shape. In other words, it will take a lot of practice and patience to master the art of packing a blunt.

Fortunately, it’s time to say goodbye to that traditional and tedious way of rolling out flowers! You will be pleased to know that glass blunts are easier and faster to pack compared to traditional blunt wraps. 

Although there are two common types of glass blunt pipe, both can be packed in a similar way. Here’s how you pack a glass blunt:

  1. Clear the content of the glass blunt. If there are ash residues or resin, be sure to clean the tool first.
  2. Pack the glass tube with the ground cannabis of your choice. 
  3. If you are using a slider glass blunt, make sure not to pack it too densely since you will want to leave some space for the smoke to travel through. But don’t pack too loose if you want to make your herb burn faster.
  4. On the other hand, if you use a twisty glass blunt, like The Phoenix, do not remove the rubber on the bottom to prevent the ground cannabis from falling out while filling the tube. 
  5. Once the glass blunt is filled up, twist the corkscrew into the tube until some of the herbs are drawn through the chamber, and the mouthpiece reaches the glass tube. Do this in a counterclockwise motion.
  6. Remove the cap, light up the glass blunt, and smoke away!
How do I clean a glass blunt?

Cleaning a glass blunt pipe is as easy as using it for smoking. However, you have to be careful since the glass blunt is more slender and fragile than your average bowl. Here is how you clean the tool:

  1. Disassemble the glass blunt.
  2. Prepare a bowl of isopropyl alcohol and submerge the glass blunt in the liquid. 
  3. Soak the glass for at least 20 minutes. 
  4. Rinse using warm water.
  5. Remove the excess resin on the glass. This part might be a tricky one to do. To do this, use a Q-tip or a pipe cleaner to wipe the inside of the packing tube. 
  6. Let the glass blunt dry.

Despite the lightweight and slim design, glass blunts’ slenderness and fragility are some of the reasons why they are sometimes difficult to clean. The good news is that these airy and light tools are strong enough to resist all kinds of wear and tear. 

Moreover, using a glass blunt has better combustion than smoking a traditional blunt. Since the flower burns better, there will be fewer ashes messing up around your area. All you have to do is let the ashes pile up inside the glass blunt until you want to clean it.

Keep in mind that combustion can create harmful byproducts like tar and carbon monoxide. When resin accumulates inside the glass, it can clog your mouthpiece. So, make sure that you clean your glass blunt after each use.

How much weed does a glass blunt take?

Despite the small and compact design, you will be surprised by how much a glass blunt can hold. Glass blunts can be packed heavily and can take more than a gram of herb. The Phoenix Glass Blunt holds up to 2 grams of herb! Thus, you don’t have to worry or be frustrated about rolling a fat blunt! Moreover, since the herbs are stored in the glass tube, they are protected from the elements, making them last longer than traditional joints or blunts. A glass blunt pipe is an excellent alternative to a traditional blunt. This is because glass is considered the safest material to use for heating, making it the first choice for storing medicines, syrups, and other materials.

How do I light a glass blunt?

Glass blunts are extremely easy to use, even for beginners. However, some users still find it hard to maintain the glass blunt’s light. Remember that oxygen is the main component that keeps the fire going. Thus, your glass blunt will stay lit if it has a consistent supply of oxygen. A glass blunt can be lit and stay lit in two ways. First, avoid cramming your herbs. For instance, do not put 4 grams of ground cannabis in a glass blunt with a 2 grams limit. Doing so can restrict the airflow inside the tool. Always make sure that there is enough space inside the tube for the air to flow through. If you notice that the glass blunt is not staying lit, check the chamber to see if it is densely packed. If so, take out the ground cannabis and repack again, leaving some out so you don’t overpack. The second rule is to push out the ash from the glass blunt pipe. Keep in mind that the glass blunt is not like a rolled cigar that you can just tap to let the ashes flow everywhere. Push the slide forward (for slider glass blunts) or twist the screw (for twisty glass blunts) to push out the herb. The general rule is to push once the ash is about two to three millimeters thick. Make sure not to push too much, or you will also risk tapping out the burning herb.

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