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TRIBEAUTY is a line of CBD Clean Beauty & Skincare products built by the women of TribeTokes. TRIBEAUTY is dedicated to providing all natural, non-toxic products - nearly everything that comes through the door of our manufacturing facility is derived from plants. We will NEVER use parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrance, or other potential endocrine disruptors or carcinogens. Our products are third party lab tested.

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kaitlyn Jane Caridi

This product evened out my skin tone! I bought the TRIBEAUTY face mask a few months ago and loved how it left my skin feeling, so I ordered this serum to try. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now and already notice a difference in my overall complexion. It has helped even out my skin and leaves it feeling firm and hydrated. I’ve started to apply twice a day for better results!


Absorbs fast, like nutrition for your skin!!!! I’ve used a lot of serums and this is the best. Forget about the cheap options. This stuff is legit. I use it around my eyes to even out my skin tone. I love that it absorbs quickly and has hyaluronic acid. I use three drops after my shower and my skin feels amazing everyday!


Glowing skin! I’ve tried so many facial products but this one I am sticking with. This Serum is cool and refreshing. Soaks in quickly & feels amazing. My skin glows after I use it. I would highly recommend.

Danielle Heard

Invigorating and Rejuvenating!! This serum gives my skin a wonderful, finished feeling. I use it after a face wash and before moisturizing. It has rejuvenated areas on my face that felt lifeless (forehead and around the eyes). I highly recommend trying it!


Will use everyday After using this every morning for about a week my skin looks glowy and feels really cousin actually said to me your skin looks good what have you been doing? So that’s good!


Vibrant, Soft Skin! This serum is absolutely incredible- especially in the winter time. I use it every morning after i shower, before I apply my make up. The serum almost has a creaminess to it and feels amazing on your face & keeps it glowing, fresh and soft. It also adds a nice radiance under my make up! This product pairs very nicely with TriBeaty’s collagen serum which I use before bed. The collagen serum at night and vit C serum in the morning has kept my skin fresh and vibrant this winter! Highly recommend!


Lets GLOW! This serum leaves my skin glowing! I especially like to use it under my eyes and on my cheekbones where I think it shows best. I also use on my neck and chest for firming and anti-aging. Great addition to my regiment.


OBSESSED! I've tried what feels like every serum, facial oil and cream that is out there and I am OBSESSED with this one. My skin is glowing and gorgeous after using this. I've received several compliments on how "great my skin is looking" and a total stranger asked me what my skin care secret was recently. I'm not sure if its the combination of ingredients or what exactly but my skin is in love and I am too. OBSESSED.

Noemi Jorge

Would definitely recommend I’ve been using this every day in the morning for about 2 weeks now, and also use the other collagen serum by this brand at night. I’ve noticed less redness on my face and that it’s reduced my adult acne. I like how it feels when it’s applied and would definitely recommend. Some of the ingredients I noticed that are very effective are ferulic acid, vitamin E, lilac stem cells and kakadu plum which comes all the way from Australia - pretty cool!


So happy I tried this! The packaging is so sophisticated! I love the sleek design of the company. The serum has a medium viscosity, easy application and not greasy. I immediately noticed how fresh and radiant my skin felt after using it. One of the ingredients is lilac stem cells, which is great for hyperpigmentation and dryness. The skin around my eyes felt tighter and the vitamin c helped brighten and hydrate my skin. It is also suitable for all skin types. I use it in the morning after I wash my face with a gentle cleanser. It has a very light tingly clean feeling. I use it under my moisturizer and it keeps my skin from dryness/redness. I have sensitive skin and am generally hesitant to try new products but I am so glad I introduced this product into my beauty regiment. its also a female owned company! Powered by plants, built by women!


Great serum This serum has done wonders for my skin! I immediately noticed that my face looked brighter and felt more hydrated. After having a baby, I felt that my face always looked drained - this stuff has made a huge difference! I put it on in the morning, before I moisturize, and it gives me a healthy glow. Highly recommend!


All of the ingredients are safe and beneficial on my skin and the texture is amazing! I would Recommend this product and give as a gift ! 5 stars !


This is an excellent product I have ever seen. This also fulfil my all requirements. I would like to convey my pleasure to the company.


Over the past month I had numerous domestic and international travel for both work and personal reasons and has kept my face hydrated and fresh. I've used this product every night for 4 weeks almost and feel like it's made a real difference. I also live in chicago where it is very dry and cold and has kept my skin feeling moisturized yet not greasy at all. I'm a big fan of tribe beauty products and highly recommend!


Absorbs fast and like nutrition for your skin!!!! I've used a lot of serums and this stuff is legit. I love that it absorbs quickly and has hyaluronic acid. I use three drops after my shower and my skin feels amazing everyday!


Great for Rosacea, plumps skin, smooths and minimizes pores. I was originally worried that this would be too harsh for my skin to handle since many serums have negative consequences for me. I’m a HUGE fan of this product and cannot believe how much it has reduced my inflammation


Rejuvenated Skin Over the past month I had numerous domestic and international travel for both work and personal reasons and has kept my face hydrated and fresh. I've used this product every night for 4 weeks almost and feel like it's made a real difference. I also live in chicago where it is very dry and cold and has kept my skin feeling moisturized yet not greasy at all. I'm a big fan of tribe beauty products and highly recommend!


Great Product! I bought this because I found my first wrinkle around my eyes and started to freak out! I have sensitive skin and I was worried the hyaluronic acid would be too strong, but I was wrong and wish I could have started using this product in high school. I have used the bottle every day for about two weeks and can't believe how much is left. I rub 3 drops on my face after washing my face before bed and before I apply makeup. This stuff is awesome!


Silky & smooth! I just got my collagen Serum and I loved he cool and refreshing feel on my skin initially. Then after an hour my skin felt silky smooth. I definitely will buy again!


Love this product. Love this product. My skin looks and feels hydrated and moisturized, helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles


This is the stuff! My dad always said "If you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live?" I've been taking care of my skin and my pain with a trinity of Tribe products. I've been using this serum for about 3 months and I love it. I use it at night, and I promise, I wake up with a brighter face. In fact, I really haven't been using foundation. If you have a $5 face, use a $5 face serum. This stuff is worth it. Try the eye cream, which is like a balm. I like it around my upper lip area as well.


HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! 🥰🥰🥰 I am absolutely IN LOVE with TribeTokes Collagen Boosting Serum! This product not only helps with hydration but also works as a toner and leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated! I love the luxurious packaging and most importantly it’s made by WOMEN!!! I am a a HUGE fan of this product and will be purchasing for life! It brightens my skin bringing it back to life! I HIGHLY recommend this product you will not be disappointed!


Nice Product ! So far so good. Used for 1 week and feeling better already.


I have been using the Serum for a week and can feel the difference. I have recommended these to everyone to make it a daily skincare essentials.


I have been taking these product for a couple months. They are great. Its smells well to feel good at bed time.


Soothing, refreshing, left my skin glowing! Loving this mask! Washed my face and left it damp, applied mask and left on for about 10 minutes. You can tell it's made with natural ingredients and smells herbal (like a spa). It's tingly but not overly-so, just enough to make you feel refreshed. When it dries it doesn't get hard and tight, just a little darker (I have sensitive skin so I appreciate that it doesn't dry out skin!). I rinsed off and used a warm washcloth to take off any excess. Viola! Bright and glowing skin!


My favorite face mask! I am a huge fan of all things skin care and face masks! This mask definitely rivals some of my favorite brands. When I put it on, there was a little bit of a tingling feeling, which I loved. It was almost as if you could feel the mask working right away. After removing the mask, I instantly could see brighter soft skin! I will be purchasing again!


Skin health game changer! I absolutely LOVED this face mask. I've tried quite a few and it's the best one I've tried so far. It contains so many superfood ingredients and my skin feels so refreshed and hydrated afterwards. I cannot recommend this product enough. I will add that it lasts a while too and the price is very reasonable for the quality. As long as this product is available, I will continue to be a regular customer. THANK YOU!!!


Love this mask! I ordered this mask because I kept seeing it on Instagram and I love it!!! The tingle starts right away and feels great with a glass of wine! Don't worry, no redness or irritation. Love the organic superfood scent. Earthy, yet invigorating. I have been using it about twice a week on face, neck, and chest. I feel my skin is more refreshed and I keep getting complimented on my natural glow!


Hello beautiful skin! Wow. This mask is awesome! So honestly... I was just a little bit skeptical at first. I have been dealing with moderate acne for years, and I didn't think such magic could come in a glass jar. After two uses, I had friends tell me that my skin looked better! I tried to focus the mask on some problem areas (cheeks/chin/neck). After using my skin felt significantly softer and irritated spots were less red. I'm excited to keep using this!


Amazing ! All of the ingredients are safe and beneficial on my skin and the texture is amazing! I would Recommend this product and give as a gift ! 5 stars !


How did I ever live without this eye cream? Wow! This eye cream has literally changed my skin in the number of weeks I've been using it. I actually use it all over my face and although I am in my fifties, i no longer have to wear any makeup! It has calmed my redness, de-puffed my middle-aged eyes, and given my skin an all over glow. I use my special trick of keeping it in the refrigerator so when I do apply it, it has the added benefit of being cold to assist in decreasing my puffiness.


Best eye-cream i ever used Nice smell, soothing feel like never before :)


My 1st and only eye cream I'll keep using! I've been using this eye cream daily for a month now, and can honestly say I see a difference under my eyes. My tired eyes aren't looking so tired anymore! The cream goes on like silk, super smooth, and doesn't have any fragrance. I highly recommend it to friends, and equally tired looking coworkers!


Even my teen daughter was impressed! I rarely write reviews but this product is really impressive. I am not a huge make up person however my teen daughter is, and 4 days into using the TriBEAUTY Under Eye Cream my daughter had comments... We were on the subway and she asked me if I was wearing under eye cover up. I am quite lazy on weekends and generally do not wear any make up. I said no why. She said she was just very impressed if I was because she said I did a great job blending it in. TriBEAUTY Under Eye Cream made me look like I was wearing makeup when I wasn't! I think any compliment about my makeup and appearance from my teen daughter is hard to come by so kudos to the tribe!


Loved it! I love this product! I have been applying it to both eyes nightly to help with dry skin, fine lines and dark circles and I've noticed it has made a difference. I like the subtle scent and the fact that it's very moisturizing. My skin tends to be drier and on the more sensitive side, but this has cream is gentle and has worked great for me. I work in the field of dermatology and would recommend to my patients!


So good I love this eye cream so much!!! I believe CBD is a magical ingredient so I've been wanting to try it in eye cream. I haven't been disappointed - it feels glorious going on and it makes my eyes less baggy and puffy. I do think it is making a difference in the appearance of the skin under and around my eyes too. I will be incorporating this into my daily routine!


sleepy eye fix As a sleepless college student, I constantly have dark circles under my eyes. Then a colleague recommended this product, and I am now happily without the dark circles around my eyes! I would highly recommend this product to anyone.


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All of the ingredients are safe and beneficial on my skin and the texture is amazing! I would Recommend this product and give as a gift ! 5 stars !


We’re all on the hunt for the next big thing that boosts our skin and vitality. We all want to feel young and stay active for many years.


If you're on the fence about this bundle, give it a try! Total worthy bundle! I use these products everyday and have been noticing huge differences in my skin! I'm pleased with the eye cream- A little goes a long way and I love the velvety texture. It works really well under concealer. The superfood mask is a great reset button for your face. Perfect to use am or pm to work out those wrinkles. Plus it is great with all skin types so I share with my ladies. The boosting serum does just that! Makes my face feel hydrated and bright. Great products and great brand!


Fabulous! Absolutely love it I used all three of these products last night and I even used the serum and eye cream this morning and my face is glowing and feels great I recommend and will be purchasing more and I will be getting he collagen serum as well!!


Awesome!! This pack is amazing. I absolutely love it. I would recommend this for all types of skin. My skin was pretty bad and now my skin looks beautiful. The eye cream helped the circles under my eyes. I can't say enough about this product.