Excellent Product! I am extremely impressed with the quality of this product. These cartridges are epic!


Wow! This is some good sh*t!!! I am so freakin impressed with this epic product! Not only are these CBD cartridges extremely effective as a 100% natural pain killer and anxiety reliever but they taste freakin' AMAZING! I highly recommend this bundle to get a variety of flavors with a variety of sativa, indica and hybrid strands. I also wanna shout out to the folks behind the scenes at Tribe Tokes. You can tell the owners/employees really do put their heart into their product and the quality of what they create is unmatched! I would give them 10 stars if that were an option!


Steal of a deal!! What a steal this deal is!! A bundle of vape cartridges with one of each flavor. What else could you ask for?


Awesome CBD vape cartridges! Tribetokes CBD cartridges are the best!! They don't have any added filler oils so I know they are clean. For me the bundle is so worth the money. I use Mango Haze for those stressful days and 3 pulls on The Remedy and I'm out for the night!!


AMAZING! TRY THEM ALL! My husband has been telling me I need more CBD in my life, so I decided to try Tribetokes' CBD Vape Cartridge Bundle set to try each strain. I love the metal caps for safe storage! I can't believe the difference in flavor and effect from each strain. My favorite is The Remedy, which I use every night to help me fall asleep. I wish I ordered these a year ago! Thanks 🙏🔥


Smooth Sailing The strains are truly amazing!!! I would have major issues trying to sleep @ nite due to anxiety & chronic pain , but these oils and this overall bundle makes sleeping in the nite truly smooth sailing & makes my days little bit less painful ! Totally a must buy!!! 💥


My gift to you! These carts are exactly what every person needs! And that is exactly what I give my family and friends every year for any holiday or birthday. You will not be disappointed in the quality trust me! Best carts I have ever had hands down!


Best Product on the Market The CBD is some of the purest on the market, it is totally clean and provides great relaxation. This handy device is not just super easy to use and has a great battery but attaches great to my keychain!! I love this so much and will never use anything else! This is the best product hands down. I am a customer for life!


Only pen I'll buy. Or need to. MADE FOR LEFTIES! Super sleek, keychain latch holder, charger right on the side!! I can never lose it! Literally the absolute best. The Jack Herrer was so smooth on all three settings as well. My go-to daily and I told everyone this is the only pen for daily, continuous use.


No one better! Tribe tokes is the best! Easy to use and compact. Love all their products!


AMAZING! this product is super awesome!!!! Will be recommending to everyone!!!! THANK YOUUUU


Awesome! Sleek, easy to attach to my keychain to use, and surprisingly for a lefty which I wasn't expecting!! Happily pleased!


Slick gadget! My new favorite toy! I don't usually leave reviews, but felt a need to let people know how great this product is. I am over satisfied.


Best pen! I LOOOVE TribeTokes' White Wand Pen. So sleek and compact yet packs a mighty hit! I've never gotten complimented on my pen before using this one. It's adorable and has a super fast charge time. Always my #1 go to.


Oil pen. It helps you concentrate more threw out the day and night makes you feel relaxed.


Great vape Great quality vape


💚 Great vape smooth n tasty No after taste like others I've tried. I'll be getting more!


Pure Quality (full stop) :) This is a quality product all around. A nice even smoke, it’s pull is flawless, and is perfect for discretion. Lightweight, and Love the color palate on the white wand. Folks this is the vape to get. Worth every penny.


Top notch Amazing product! I have never slept better and have never been more relaxed. Top notch. Also a great taste.


I think the thing I love most about Tribetokes is the customer service! They get back to you within like mins if you have questions about anything. I think I’m the neediest of their customers and they are just so sweet about everything. you don’t realize how much you’ve helped me! I’m a software engineer 👩‍💻 and this stuff helps me seriously chill and focus.


Love it! Unboxing Worthy, Sexy, and TRUSTWORTHY The wand is so chic, discreet and lovely. Puts you right on top. Classy af, and so helpful. If you're looking for a kit to get you started, this is the one. Plus, this disposable has battery life for days - you can always rely on TribeTokes product life. And for those of us who love a good unboxing, embossed packaging is where it's at. Always. I feel like a sith lord and a bond girl, maybe a back-up dancer?


Love it. Highly recommend. The wand is very chic. The battery lasts for days and easy to charge. Feels very comfortable holding. Love my Tribe Tokes.


Amazing product! Love the sleek design and feel of it in my hand. Battery life on it is outstanding. Definitely my go to!


The Wand Vape Battery Recieved my Wand Vape Battery in the mail today. Two days early, thank you! I'm very pleased with my purchase. This is the first 2 to 4 volt range that is perfect for the medical live resin vape cartridges we enjoy in California. A well made, ideal adjustable voltage vape cartridge battery. I really love the extras that were carefully added to my package. Smart products by thoughtful people are very much appreciated by all. Thank you all at TribeTokes, you Rock!


Don't leave the house without it I absolutely LOVE this mini. The battery on this devise lasts for weeks without having to charge it. It's small enough to fit in my clutch and not have to sacrifice space. The black is my favorite. It's so sleek and pretty, however I have one in each color :). I get compliments all the time on them. I highly recommend this product.

Ángela Colandrea

The perfect little high Fits in the palm of your hand, easily concealed & stored! This is one of my favorite batteries in my collection! Bundled with the best CBD carts! This kit will jump start your day


Stays charged forever! This is my favorite battery! It stays charged forever and is the perfect size.


My New Best Friend Small, powerful, long lasting, everything you need in battery! I take it everywhere, absolute dream of a product and an ideal bundle pack


My go to Delivers a full bodied hit with a charge that lasts a while and is very discreet. Paired with great tasting CBD. The only thing small about it is it's size Hands down my favorite vape on the market!


So perfect! Pocket friendly and clutch purse friendly! I love my mini!


High quality CBD product - tasteless and easy to consume I'm very excited about this CBD product. I've been using CBD as a daily supplement for some time now, as I've learned it helps with anxiety and overall mood. Some products can have a strong odor or flavor, but this one is very easy to ingest. There's only two ingredients - organic cold-pressed hemp oil and MCT oil. I really like the flavorless attribute - it makes it a pleasant experience while sitting under the tongue. I'm adding it to my morning routine. I think I'll order some for my mom as well!


I live in New York and there's a lot of energy and stress that comes from being in a place that has 6million people. I was looking at CBD as something to help manage stress and anxiety to help me relax and get a better nights sleep. After trying numerous brands, I found that the 500mg strength by TribeTokes Hemp Oil seems to work best for me. I take it right before I get ready for bed, will start feeling some this warm and relaxed feeling like after taking a bath, and my quality of sleep has really gotten better!


Excellent Product - Helps with Sleep & Anxiety I absolutely love my TribeTokes hemp oil (and all of their products). Every night before bed I put the drops under my tongue for 1 minute to help me relax and sleep better. It has made a tremendous difference in my sleep. I'll even take some before work if I have a stressful day ahead and want to manage my stress levels better.


My Savior I broke my ankle a few months back and this cream saved me so many nights of pain. Works like a dream! My ankle is healed and I still use it for physical therapy and any other aches I have. This is a must have product!


Works like a charm I use this cream on a daily basis great for sore muscles and body aches, my go to after hitting the gym. Also works wonders when my sciatica acts up.


My students love it!! I am a CBD Yoga instructor and offer this pain cream in every class ! The bundle is a great deal and your achy students will love it! Especially because it is so fast acting! I definitely give a 5 star rating!! I also love that the creators of this product are involved in advocacy, health, fitness and education. Which is super important because there are too many sketchy companies putting out unsafe products out in the market and confusing people about the efficacy of CBD. That's why I love Tribe Tokes :)


Vibrant, Soft Skin! This serum is absolutely incredible- especially in the winter time. I use it every morning after i shower, before I apply my make up. The serum almost has a creaminess to it and feels amazing on your face & keeps it glowing, fresh and soft. It also adds a nice radiance under my make up! This product pairs very nicely with TriBeaty’s collagen serum which I use before bed. The collagen serum at night and vit C serum in the morning has kept my skin fresh and vibrant this winter! Highly recommend!


Will use everyday After using this every morning for about a week my skin looks glowy and feels really soft…my cousin actually said to me your skin looks good what have you been doing? So that’s good!

Danielle Heard

Invigorating and Rejuvenating!! This serum gives my skin a wonderful, finished feeling. I use it after a face wash and before moisturizing. It has rejuvenated areas on my face that felt lifeless (forehead and around the eyes). I highly recommend trying it!


Great Product! I bought this because I found my first wrinkle around my eyes and started to freak out! I have sensitive skin and I was worried the hyaluronic acid would be too strong, but I was wrong and wish I could have started using this product in high school. I have used the bottle every day for about two weeks and can’t believe how much is left. I rub 3 drops on my face after washing my face before bed and before I apply makeup. This stuff is awesome!


Rejuvenated Skin Over the past month I had numerous domestic and international travel for both work and personal reasons and has kept my face hydrated and fresh. I’ve used this product every night for 4 weeks almost and feel like it’s made a real difference. I also live in chicago where it is very dry and cold and has kept my skin feeling moisturized yet not greasy at all. I’m a big fan of tribe beauty products and highly recommend!


Great for Rosacea, plumps skin, smooths and minimizes pores. I was originally worried that this would be too harsh for my skin to handle since many serums have negative consequences for me. I’m a HUGE fan of this product and cannot believe how much it has reduced my inflammation.


If you're on the fence about this bundle, give it a try! Total worthy bundle! I use these products everyday and have been noticing huge differences in my skin! I'm pleased with the eye cream- A little goes a long way and I love the velvety texture. It works really well under concealer. The superfood mask is a great reset button for your face. Perfect to use am or pm to work out those wrinkles. Plus it is great with all skin types so I share with my ladies. The boosting serum does just that! Makes my face feel hydrated and bright. Great products and great brand!


Fabulous! Absolutely love it I used all three of these products last night and I even used the serum and eye cream this morning and my face is glowing and feels great I recommend and will be purchasing more and I will be getting he collagen serum as well!!


Awesome!! This pack is amazing. I absolutely love it. I would recommend this for all types of skin. My skin was pretty bad and now my skin looks beautiful. The eye cream helped the circles under my eyes. I can't say enough about this product.


Skin health game changer! I absolutely LOVED this face mask. I’ve tried quite a few and it’s the best one I’ve tried so far. It contains so many superfood ingredients and my skin feels so refreshed and hydrated afterwards. I cannot recommend this product enough. I will add that it lasts a while too and the price is very reasonable for the quality. As long as this product is available, I will continue to be a regular customer. THANK YOU!!!


My favorite face mask! I am a huge fan of all things skin care and face masks! This mask definitely rivals some of my favorite brands. When I put it on, there was a little bit of a tingling feeling, which I loved. It was almost as if you could feel the mask working right away. After removing the mask, I instantly could see brighter soft skin! I will be purchasing again!


Soothing, refreshing, left my skin glowing! Loving this mask! Washed my face and left it damp, applied mask and left on for about 10 minutes. You can tell it’s made with natural ingredients and smells herbal (like a spa). It’s tingly but not overly-so, just enough to make you feel refreshed. When it dries it doesn’t get hard and tight, just a little darker (I have sensitive skin so I appreciate that it doesn’t dry out skin!). I rinsed off and used a warm washcloth to take off any excess. Viola! Bright and glowing skin!


My 1st and only eye cream I’ll keep using! I’ve been using this eye cream daily for a month now, and can honestly say I see a difference under my eyes. My tired eyes aren’t looking so tired anymore! The cream goes on like silk, super smooth, and doesn’t have any fragrance. I highly recommend it to friends, and equally tired looking coworkers!


Best eye-cream i ever used Nice smell, soothing feel like never before 🙂


How did I ever live without this eye cream? Wow! This eye cream has literally changed my skin in the number of weeks I’ve been using it. I actually use it all over my face and although I am in my fifties, i no longer have to wear any makeup! It has calmed my redness, de-puffed my middle-aged eyes, and given my skin an all over glow. I use my special trick of keeping it in the refrigerator so when I do apply it, it has the added benefit of being cold to assist in decreasing my puffiness.


Nice Product ! So far so good. Used for 1 week and feeling better already.


I have been using the Serum for a week and can feel the difference. I have recommended these to everyone to make it a daily skincare essentials.


I have been taking these product for a couple months. They are great. Its smells well to feel good at bed time.


Fantastic Great product... easy to have.


Great ! Amazing product! I have never slept better and have never been more relaxed.


nice sleeps like a worry free king


Love this ! Smart products by thoughtful people are very much appreciated by all. Thank you all at TribeTokes, you Rock!


Wow ! Its just awesome... never ever had such feel before. thanks.


work from home in cbd style This bundle has it all covered. I especially LOVE the Lemon CBD Tincture. It's fresh and chill at the same time. Plus the mask is so invigorating and is a fun selfie!


Nice! The product i received was nicely packed. When i used it, I didn't find it that amazing. As the results were mediocre. The basic feature of blackheads removal and deep cleansing is missing, after usage.


Excellent product! Wow products deserve special mention.First time used by me and give 10 on 10. Recommended to clean your screen completely.


Good quality Eye Rescue Cream!! It completely removes black heads and pollution from skin.Just wash face with little warm water before applying the mask, that opens the pores and it gets absorbed into the pores that helps to remove dirt from with in.


Beautiful face mask! This product is worth the price.It was nicely packed.Delivery was on time.The product is of good quality.I could feel the shine on skin after using this product.


Really like the vape flavor, build quality is fine... I like it all. I'm very satisfied with the product and the efficient service.


Love it ! Brilliant product feels lovely on nice and light and absorbs very quickly. Would recommend.


I would recommend this product. If you can't give one month and follow a serious routine for your eyes. Well then don't buy this product. At least use it for 2 months and sleep proper and use cold spoons under eyes in morning. You will see the difference.