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MEET TRIBEMINI: She's small and powerful, and we think you're going to like her. The Mini is the size of your palm, so when you close your fist, it disappears from sight for ultimate discretion. It also fits easily in a small pocket - or even in your sports bra while you’re working out! If you’re looking for a tiny but powerful vape battery, this is your girl.


According to Forbes in its June 2019 review of the product: "Vaporizers, in general, offer a discrete cannabis inhalation option that's easier on the lungs as there is no smoke involved. If you want something to puff on at a party, but not smoke inside, a vaporizer is the way to go. This mini vaporizer and cartridge from TribeTokes is so teeny no one will be able to tell what you're holding. Plus, it will certainly fit in any purse. Use a TribeTokes CBD cartridge or fill the reusable vaporizer with a cannabis cartridge of your choice."

Product Features
  • USB charging cord included
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • Universally Compatible with 510 Thread Cartridges
  • 4.6 volts
  • 500 mAh battery storage
How to use

Press power button 5x to turn on or off. Press same button while inhaling to vape. Relax and enjoy!

Be sure to turn your Mini fully OFF by clicking 5x before putting it in your pocket or bag, so it doesn’t turn on and heat up in your pocket. When the Mini is off, when you press the power button no light will show. When the mini is on the light will glow blue when you press the button.

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