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Delta 8 is one of over 100 cannabinoids that have been identified in cannabis plants. Unlike other Delta 8 THC vapes on the market, TribeTokes pure and potent vape oil is full spectrum, containing CBD, CBG and strain-specific terpenes for maximum therapeutic benefit. Shop Delta 8 full gram cartridges, all-in-one delta 8 disposable vapes, starter kits and batteries.

Common Delta 8 Vape Use Cases:  Staying Asleep Through The Night, Stress Relief, Relaxation



THE ABSOLUTE BEST ~ Disposable Vape Out There! Never in my life have I ever purchased disposable vapes consistently more than I have a regular pen with carts. These are AHMAZING. I get all the different flavors so I can try all of them and I'm loving them all. Definitely worth sending Juicy fruit to friends and family as gifts LOL. They're easily discreet if you worry about that and nice and slim. Really love everything about these pens; I won't get any other disposable ever! Thanks so much TT!


Excellent product Just bought a couple vape pens - Mango Haze and Juicy Fruit.... Excellent product! Calming, relaxing and focused


The very BEST! This is the perfect vape pen. The perfect amount of CBD with every puff plus TribeTokes is the brand that can be trusted to delivery clean vaping each and every time. You will never be disappointed. 😉

Shannon on

High quality vaping experience I'm the most anxious, distracted and jumpy person in the world. I've been on all kinds of anti-anxiety meds but I would stop taking them after a few weeks because they all make me fall asleep! I wanted something that could give me that calm and focused feeling. This is the stuff! My faves are Sour Tsunami and Mango Haze. Mango chills me out so I can zone in when I need to work and Sour Tsunami helps me zone out when I want to chill after a long day. The pens themselves are of high quality construction, discrete and portable!

Francesca P

Top Quality CBD Juicy Fruit is my go-to for daytime stress, Sweet & Sour Widow is my favorite at night to wind down. These carts are delicious, clean tasting & I feel the effects almost instantly. I keep a disposable one on me at all times so I don't stress out when I forget to recharge my pen. I've recommended these to everyone I know - TribeTokes are one of the few companies to provide a COA on their oils and stand behind their products. Thank you!


Why do our customers give rave reviews on vaping our Delta 8 THC pen as part of their daily wellness routine? Vaping D8 is fast, effective and feels great day or night. With fast absorption and high potency levels, Delta 8 pens provide a high-quality consumption experience. Don’t let a subpar product ruin the occasion or potentially, your health.

TribeTokes strives to provide consumers with a full spectrum cannabis vapes that blend distillate (delta 8 concentrate) with strain-specific terpenes and no unhealthy fillers. Learn more about our delta eight vape pens, vape batteries, d8 starter kits and disposables, which provide consumers with a discreet, clean consuming experience without any PEG, PG, MCT, VG, or any other thinning agents​ commonly found in cheap delta 8 vape juice.​​

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Delta 8 pens may leave you feeling euphoric, clear-headed and relaxed while still having energy. Delta 8 falls somewhere nicely between smoking a joint and drinking a glass of wine. Many consumers report that they do not get the “couch lock” and drowsiness that is often associated with Delta 9, or traditional, THC.

The good news is that high quality feels amazing. The vaping experience can be incredibly enjoyable and therapeutic when smoking a high quality delta 8 vape with pure oil, fantastic terpenes, no fillers or cutting agents, full spectrum cannabinoids, and all the attention to detail needed to make a powerful smooth healthy product. For this reason, it’s not best to skimp on price – treat yourself to the nicest vapes money can buy! Brands and manufacturers have a responsibility to educate their customers on what makes a product healthy or harmful. Always remember to check customer reviews for any product you’re buying, and the next time you take a puff on a TribeTokes Delta 8 product, you will know you are in good hands.


Whether you choose to buy Delta 8 pens online or at a delta 8 vape shop, you can rest assured that vaping is a cleaner way to consume vs combustion, which can create toxins and byproducts when plant matter is lit on fire. Vaping is also discreet and nearly odorless, so you don’t need to bother your loved ones when you light up. If you do choose to purchase delta 8 vape pens online, always check lab results and purchase from a trusted brand.

Delta 8 Vapes FAQ

Does Vaping Delta 8 THC Kick In Faster Than Other Methods?

Yes. Most people report they feel the effects within 2 minutes of vaping D8. This fast bioavailability is often cited as a main reason why vapers prefer to buy marijuana vaporizers for sale over edibles or delta 8 gummies. Bioavailability from a vape can be ~60-70%, vs only 6-15% from edibles, meaning you need to consume less to get the same effect. Cannabis vaporizers for sale have become massively popular since 2010 as an alternative to combustion, as vaping is easier on your lungs, contains less byproducts / toxins from lighting a fire and creates less odor for the people around you.

Are Delta 8 Vapes Safe?

Delta 8 Vapes are generally safe – but you should always purchase lab tested products from trusted brands! At TribeTokes we often refer to “Clean Vaping.” This means that there are no unhealthy filler oils, toxic ingredients or residues. You can expect only 2 ingredients in TribeTokes vapes: cannabis extract and natural terpenes. When it comes to CBD vs Delta 8, there is a new key element to the clean vaping definition. Delta 8 is converted from CBD using a solvent and a catalyst, which are separated and removed using chromatography. Therefore, it is extremely important to test your final product for residual solvents! Our products are tested twice for residual solvents – at the raw material stage as well as our final products. The problem in the market today is that some manufacturers are not following this protocol.

How Many Puffs of a D8 Vape Pen Should I Take?

We recommend starting with 2 puffs on a new delta 8 dab pen or cart, waiting 5 minutes to see how you feel, and then continuing as desired. Over time, you’ll get a better understanding of how your body reacts to your delta vape pen, and you’ll have a better grasp on what’s right for you. Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different. TribeTokes prides itself on its potent delta 8vape oil, so you may not need too much. Start slow with small puffs and see how you feel.

What is Delta 8 Vape Juice?

Delta 8 THC vape juice often means that the D8 distillate is cut with propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), which are the same oils used as a base in nicotine juice vapes. These are also referred to as e cig vape pens, e vape pens or e cigarette vaporizer pens. TribeTokes does not support these vaping ingredients, which are much different from and cheaper than our pure delta 8 oil for vapes.

What is Delta 8 vs Delta 9?

Delta 9 THC vape pens are the traditional THC we are all intimately familiar with 🙂 It is highly regulated, gets you high and comes from marijuana plants. “Delta” refers to the double bond in the compound’s molecular structure. The structural difference between Delta-9 vs. Delta-8 is where the double bond is located on the chain of carbon atoms — as per their names, Delta-8 has a double bond on the 8th carbon chain, and Delta-9 has a double bond on the 9th carbon chain. This may seem like a small difference, but it’s significant enough to produce a completely different molecule with unique cognitive and physical effects. Delta-8-THC communicates with CB1 and CB2 receptors to help balance several functions including pain, appetite, mood, hormones, inflammation, and blood pressure.

Will Vaping Delta 8 THC Get You High?

So what are the cognitive effects? Delta-8 THC exhibits “lower psychotropic potency” than Delta 9 – in layman’s terms, it’s like “THC Lite.” Similar to delta 9 vape pens, Delta eight binds to CB1 receptors in the brain and nervous system. However, UNLIKE Delta-9, which can produce a hazy or sedative effect, vaping Delta-8 can make you clear headed and energized. This is helpful for consumers who are looking for more social smoking options – to feel buzzed but not too out of it.

Does Delta 8 Show up on a Drug Test?

We do not have sufficient data to say whether Delta Eight THC may trigger drug tests meant for Delta 9 THC. As a precaution, you should absolutely not take this product if you need to pass a drug test.

Are Delta 8 THC Vape Carts Legal In The USA?

Even though marijuana is federally illegal per US federal law, there are no federal restrictions on delta 8 THC vape cartridges, which are derived from hemp extract. The 2018 US Farm Act only explicitly bars the sale and manufacture of delta-9-THC. As long as hemp-derived delta-8-THC cart pens have no more than 0.3 percent delta-9-THC content, they are legal in the USA. Federal laws allow this product to be sold, but you should know your local laws before purchasing. This product may have restrictions in some states. TribeTokes Delta 8vapes are derived from federally legal hemp and do not contain more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

Is Delta 8 THC Similar To CBD?

Not really. Delta-8-THC creates euphoric effects that CBD does not. CBD is reported by customers to be more useful for anxiety, inflammation, pain, and sleep/wake cycle regulation. Customers tell us that Delta 8 does help them with anxiety or sleep, but it is often used more recreationally vs for a therapeutic benefit. You can take CBD every day as you’d take any other vitamin. Fortunately, our Delta 8 CBD vape is boosted with extra CBD for additional benefit for you!

Where Can I Buy Delta 8 Vapes Online?

Where can you buy delta 8 vapes? At the Delta 8 shop of course! Get the best delta 8 vape pen on the internet for 15% off when you sign up for our email list. When you order delta 8 online, you can get it delivered to your home within 2-3 days.

The Highest Quality Delta Vapes, Delivered To Your Doorstep

TribeTokes takes pride in offering the best delta 8 vape pen online through the purest, cleanest vaping experience, available in strain-specific flavors in indica, sativa and hybrids. At TribeTokes, we realized that many cannabis vaping brands were using unhealthy fillers and cutting agents, and we decided to do better! After all, delta8 vapes are meant to be a wellness product at its core, so it’s important that you can trust the quality of the product that you’re vaping. We provide the lab report for every batch available for viewing on our website.

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