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Want to bring your skincare game to the next level for a full 1-2 weeks, but tight on a budget? Taking a 1-2 week vacation and want to keep your skin fabulous while traveling? Introducing our TRAVEL SIZE skincare bundle - try everything in our CBD beauty collection that you need for flawless skin, for only $70.

This bundle includes the sample/travel sizes of our signature CBD Eye Rescue Cream, CBD Superfood Face Mask, CBD Collagen Boosting Serum, CBD Vitamin C Super Serum, CBD Pore Refining Rose Toner, and CBD Cucumber Tightening Eye Gel.

Reference the individual product pages for ingredients, key benefits, lab results and more for each individual product!



“We’re not usually one to jump on the CBD bandwagon, but this eye cream from New York City-based TribeTokes — a fabulous, canna-friendly company founded by two fabulous, canna-friendly women — has changed our minds. The combination of butters and oils (shea, avocado, hemp — you get the idea) plus CBD instantly helps with puffy under-eyes. Pro-tip: Keep it in your fridge, and no one will ever know about your hangovers.”

-Rolling Stone, Stoned for the Holidays: Our 2019 Marijuana Gift Guide

“A good mask can leave one feeling like a completely renewed person, and that is certainly the case with this jar of delight. CBD, spinach, kale, green tea, jojoba and white clay work together here, oxygenating and brightening your skin while the CoQ10 (a natural enzyme produced by your body) promotes collagen production. The end result being blissfully happy skin and with that, innumerable good days.”

-Forbes, Holiday Gift Guide 2019: The Best Cannabis Skincare

"Spa day just got way more relaxing. This CBD Superfood Mask contains a six-in-one formulation that purportedly does it all: plumps, oxygenates, hydrates, brightens, calms, and protects. The mask itself takes on a bright green hue, but that's not the cannabis. It's actually a blend of spinach and kale that can help oxygenate your skin, while vitamin C brightens and evens skin tone. The white clay may take some pesky blemishes down a notch, too. Last but not least: wearing a face mask just makes anyone feel oh-so luxe. And really, what's not to love about that?"

-WeedMaps, 10 Products Every Fashion-Conscious Cannabis User Will Love For Fall


Your full beauty routine, transformed! 

(1) Apply the superfood face mask for 10-20 minutes, snap a cute green-faced selfie and tag @tribetokes and @tribebrands on the 'GRAM. Wash thoroughly. 

(2) Spray the Rose Toner on a cotton ball and wipe down face and neck for hydration, deep cleansing and to minimize the appearance of pores. 

(3) Follow by either the Collagen Serum or the Vitamin C Serum (either is fine - and then do the other one before you go to bed as well). 

(4) Apply a tiny dab of the cucumber cooling eye gel, allow to dry and then apply a pea-sized amount of the eye cream around your eye and lid. Always dab, don't rub aggressively, as the skin around your eye is sensitive. Be careful to never get any product IN your eye. 

Congratulations, your skincare routine is now ON POINT.

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What is Clean Beauty and Skincare?

What does it REALLY mean to use "clean" skincare and beauty products?

Did you know that the average woman puts 515 synthetic chemicals on her body every day without knowing? The European Union has banned over 1,300 chemicals found in Cosmetics, while the FDA has banned 8 in the United States. Wild, right?

The clean skincare movement focuses on making ultra-healthy products that use plant-based ingredients to nourish the body without putting it at risk. At TRIBEAUTY, we only make products that we would give our own families, and aim to educate consumers so they feel empowered to enjoy products that also elevate their well being.

What is Clean Beauty and Skincare?