TribeTokes In-Store Collaborations

Welcome to the TribeTokes CBD Store collaborators' application for our Meatpacking NYC location!

We have a large, beautiful space in the back of our store and are accepting applications for short term collaborations (example: pop-up, happy hour, art exhibit, wellness class) and long-term collaborations (fixed space in store through holiday season).

We are offering this at NO cost to you - all we ask is that (1) you engage your community (followers + email list) to invite them to your popup store or event to ensure an amazing turnout and (2) to honor our agreement with our landlord of a revenue share of 30% of all products sold or ticket sales in the space.

Our selection criteria are:

  • Brand / culture is complementary to ours and a fit with the cannabis, wellness and creative community in New York
  • For long-term vendors only: NYC-based staffing is available at least 4 days / week. Weekends are peak times due to traffic from the Whitney + High Line
  • Share email addresses with our team for all attendees of events hosted at the space for thank you + follow up messaging
  • Brand or organization has an instagram audience and email list they can promote to, to ensure successful community engagement + turnout

Please fill out the form on this page - we are excited to meet you!

Meatpacking Store Partner Application