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According to Forbes, CBD is expected to be a $20 billion market by 2024. Tribe Brands can work with you to private label or white label luxury CBD-infused skincare, beauty, tinctures and more using USA grown, lab tested CBD.

Although CBD products were federally-legalized in 2018, the industry has grown by leaps and bounds, earning an astounding $4.6 billion in 2020. And from the look of things, there seems to be no sign of a slowdown. In fact, Forbes projects that the cannabis industry will grow to $20 billion by 2025.

Certainly, there are a few hurdles that the industry has to overcome. But there are plenty of growth opportunities for those who are ready to take advantage of the forward thrust of the CBD industry.

CBD Business: Key Drivers of Growth

What are the key reasons behind the growth of the CBD industry?

1. Changing perspectives

While there are still some people who frown upon cannabis and CBD products, more and more people are changing their views and accepting the fact that high-quality CBD products are a viable option to manage a variety of conditions.

That’s why you’ll see CBD products like essential oils, CBD gummies, pain creams, skincare products, vape carts, and more being sold in online shops, pharmacies, and gas stations.

2. Government support

The United States Food and Drug Administration acknowledges that CBD products provide novel solutions to a diverse range of health concerns. This recognition has resulted in a marked increase in the approval of CBD products geared toward providing patients with positive health benefits.

3. Pharmaceutical industry recognition

Like governments around the world, the pharmaceutical sector recognizes the fact that CBD products can provide immense benefits. Aside from that, CBD offers a natural alternative to conventional therapies.

Taking Advantage of Opportunities Through Private Label CBD

Are you going to stand by and watch, or will you take advantage of these opportunities?

You may be an online seller looking to add CBD products to your store lineup. Or perhaps you own a dispensary or salon and want to offer your customers CBD products. You can either start from scratch or take advantage of private-label CBD.

What is a private label?

Private label products refer to items that are produced by a third party that you sell under your brand.

With private label CBD products, you control all of the aspects, from the ingredients down to product label design and branding.

You can opt to have your private label CBD products delivered to your warehouse or choose dropshipping.

Upon receipt of your CBD products, you can then sell them directly to your customers.

Private label vs. reselling

Private labels are different from simply reselling products.

When you resell products, you’ll need to buy your stocks directly from the manufacturer at a discount. Please note that the manufacturer retains their product label and branding.

Private label vs. white label

Like private label products, white label products are produced by a third party.

However, with white label products, the manufacturer uses the same ingredients and processes they use to produce their own products. The key difference between white and private labels is that the manufacturer changes the label and brand name with the former.

The Benefits of Private Label CBD

Private labeling is prevalent in a variety of industries. For example, salons and spas sell private label shampoos, conditioners, and skincare products. Groceries sell condiments, juices, and other types of food under a private label.

Are you still trying to decide if private label CBD products are for you? Here are a few benefits you should consider.

1. Eliminate the middleman

With private label CBD products, you don’t have to work with wholesalers who act as middlemen. That means you can buy CBD products at significantly lower prices and sell these for more. Private labeling allows you to start your CBD business even with a smaller capital.

2. Increase your bottom line

Running a business is demanding, and adding new products to your store can increase your workload. With private labeling, that shouldn’t be the case. Working with trusted private label suppliers allows you to expand your store offerings while giving you ample leeway to run your business.

Private labeling is a great way to expand your business because it allows you to leverage the expertise of private label suppliers to provide you with the highest quality CBD products.

You get the benefits of having your own line of CBD products while still having the resources to attend to your other responsibilities like inventory, marketing, and other business functions.

3. Minimize risks

Starting any business endeavor carries its own set of risks. But with private label products, you can minimize or even eliminate some risks. When starting your own line of products, you’ll need a sizable investment to purchase equipment and other essentials. Additionally, you’ll need to set aside money for labor, research and development, packaging, and marketing.

These can put undue pressure on you to sell more CBD products. But you can avoid many of these hassles when you sell private label CBD products. For one, you do not need to invest a fortune to start your CBD business.

Second, you’ll have ample legroom to test which CBD products appeal to your customers and make the necessary adjustments based on market demand.

4. Champion your customers’ needs

Nobody knows your customers better than you do. And with private labeling, you’ll be able to provide them with CBD products that meet their needs. This allows you to build loyalty and attract more customers through word of mouth.

Why Work with Tribe Tokes Brands for Private Label CBD Products?

Keen on starting your own CBD business? Tribe Brands is here to help you. At Tribe Brands, we’re obsessed with developing the highest-quality CBD products that empower consumers. We work with other businesses by sharing with them knowledge and access that can enrich their lives.

But why work with us?

1. Industry experts ready to help you

New to the cannabis industry? We understand that navigating a new industry can be frustrating and confusing. When you work with Tribe Brands to develop your own line of private label CBD products, you’ll have a team of seasoned veterans ready to share their expertise to bolster your success.

2. Efficient management of sourcing costs

Purchasing bulk CBD raw materials can lead to a massive hole in your pocket. When you enlist our help for private label CBD products, you can leverage our supply chain or send in your own CBD extracts.

3. Cleanliness guaranteed

At Tribe Tokes, we take pride in using the cleanest, most natural, and plant-based ingredients while ensuring that our processes and facilities adhere to the highest industry standards.

In fact, we have taken the necessary steps to get ahead of current market trends like paraben + sulfate-free, gluten-free and vegan, cruelty-free, and non-GMO.

4. Differentiated luxury CBD products

Even without CBD oils added, our skincare products use the most powerful and complex formulations to deliver incredible effects. Our cartridges are manufactured using full-spectrum distillate and real-strain terpenes, harnessing the power of plants.


Frequently Asked Questions

What private label CBD products are available?

Tribe Tokes carries diverse CBD products for people interested in getting into the CBD business. These include CBD oils, tinctures, gummies, and vape carts. If you are interested in private label products, fill out our application form to learn more about our offerings.

How do you ensure that you offer high-quality CBD products?

Tribe Tokes works with farmers, extractors, and chemists to ensure that we provide our partners with high-quality CBD products. Our company pioneered the campaign to distinguish healthy and unhealthy vapes. Aside from that, our products are evaluated by a third party to ensure that they meet the strictest standards.

Instead of private labeling, can I buy your products wholesale?

Yes, you can by creating a wholesale account. This is a cost-effective approach for businesses looking to save on costs. To create a wholesale account, you must fill out our questionnaire and provide us with your business information. After that, we’ll provide you with our product catalog and wholesale pricing information. We offer a diverse range of products for wholesale, including CBD gummies, CBD pain creams, CBD topicals, and more.

What are your prices for private label products?

Tribe Brands offers competitive pricing for our private label products. Prices depend on the type of CBD product you order as well as the quantity. The more you order, the larger your discount will be. Additionally, we give incentives to businesses that place large orders or commit to consistent purchases for the long term.

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