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Tinctures are gaining in popularity because they are easy to use and can help with anxiety, sleep, mood, pain and tension. 

Why MCT? MCT oil has 6-9x more lipids than olive oil or hemp oil. Carrier oils high in lipids can increase the bioavailability / absorption of CBD into our bloodstream by a factor of 3-4x when ingested. 

Why Full Spectrum? Our full plant, full spectrum CBD oil provides the “entourage effect,” as all cannabinoids in the hemp plant work together with terpenes to provide maximum relief.


Simply hold under your tongue, or add to any coffee, smoothie, cocktail, salad dressing - even drizzle on pancakes beneath your syrup! The CBD should enter your system within 15-45 minutes. 

We recommend our "No Flavor Added" option for adding to food and drinks, and our Lemon flavor for a refreshing sublingual option, or to add to Lemonade or fruity recipes. 

Serving Breakdowns By Strength:

  • 500 mg bottle: Each dropperful is ~17 mg of CBD (beginner dose)
  • 1000 mg bottle: Each dropperful is ~35 mg of CBD
  • 1500 mg bottle: Each dropperful is ~50 mg of CBD


  • Full Spectrum Hemp Distillate (sourced and processed in U.S.)
  • Organic Cold-Pressed MCT Oil
  • Organic Lemon Extract

Because we use MCT oil derived from organic cold-pressed coconuts, and not from palm oil (a less expensive alternative), your tincture may turn slightly pink over time. This does not affect the quality or effectiveness of the product. 

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides. These are healthy medium chain fatty acids that are much faster digested and assimilated into your body compared to its long chain counterpart mostly found in vegetable cooking oil. MCTs are commonly found in Palm and Coconut Oil.

1 fl oz / 30 mL bottle

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Customers are saying...

How CBD Oil Helps Anxiety

We all know that cannabis is much more than something to get high from. While medical marijuana first made this apparent, Cannabidiol (CBD) has absolutely driven the message home in the past few years.

Today, CBD is a worthy consideration for many - from those trying to ease joint pain to those looking to mellow out. For many suffering from anxiety and stress, CBD has provided relief when vaped or ingested. While more studies are required, the connection between CBD and some mental health conditions has plenty hoping that a viable treatment option can one day be confirmed.

How CBD Oil Helps Anxiety